It feels difficult to cope in this unexpected hiatus
A virus this contagious gained the power to enslave us
Leaving behind traces in abundance of places
Chilling amounts of cases of the souls it erases
With death tolls rising because of the sudden illness
Activity on the surface has an uncomfortable stillness
The sickness is growing like there is nothing left to lose
To be stuck in this boat has definitely not been a cruise
Many have become deprived of what they are needing
Detatchment seems to be the only way to stop the bleeding
Propoganda for aid is a crisis in disguise
Facilities overrun with a shortage of supplies
Losses of wages continues to be an anxiety
Depression ensues putting an end to sobriety
No one is immune those affected in variety
Fear of the unknown spreading through society
Waking up to the new normal more tests that are positive
A population wiped out you die by how you live

Uncharted territory has become a state of emergency
Times this uncertain we can’t overrate the urgency
Survival of the fittest the reality is too cold
Until we get the vaccine humanity is on hold
A nervous public now navigates in masks and covers
Conditions provide too much risk of being around others
As an effort to cause the disease from gaining traction
Lines are divided as reasonable course of action
The world as we know it has broken down like a fraction
Barring all human interaction as it could be a fatal attraction
No longer safe to use the means of travel
Communities on edge being left to unravel
The wide outbreak bringing about social distance
Has become a pandemic putting an end to coexistence
Near apoloctyptic with a surge in the symptoms
The invisible enemy shows no mercy for its victims
Could this be our reckoning a divine intervention?
Or mass hysteria to keep us confined in detention
Any move made can be a mindless decision
So we stay in isolation this life is a prison

-Caleb Harris