Flick In A Limerick

An autobot makes Earth his new home base
Befriending a young lady who is out of place
They show true acts of bravery
Outrun a government agency
while fighting Deceptagons intent on destroying the human race

Shot Caller – Travis Knight

Role Play (Hailee Steinfeld, John Cena, Dylan O’Brien, Peter Cullen, Jorge Lendeborg)

Nose Candy

“There is only one way to end this war. You must protect Earth and it’s people”

“He died and I never got to say goodbye I always thought that if I could finish this car and get it to start-up some how he could hear me.”

“He is not a war machine I don’t know what he is but he is my friend”

“He can’t stop he is a machine ”
“He is more human then you will be”

“Thank you for making me love me again”

Style Points

+forest fight
+ not my car explosion scene
+Bumblebee cop chase
+Bumblebee vs Shatter fight

Money Shot

The Leap

The Big Finish

Not every story needs an origin as most of them seem like very redundant cash grabs. Bumblebee however is a nice refreshing take for the popular Transformers franchise. This film is well written and provides meaningful dialogue that the cast is able to play off each other nicely. Hailee Steinfeld is incredible here. She is so talented and unrecognizable in a good way as this is an unbelievable performance from the pop star. It is very easy to empathize with her character  plus the friendship angle is also very admirable. Travis Knight’s direction is excellent utilizing nice camera movement and cool graphics. The robots seemed more real with more humanlike characteristics. I also liked how this movie did not overplay the easter eggs and 80s setting. Bumblebee provides a nice change of pace from its predecessors focusing more on storytelling while staying true to form with high-octane explosions and wicked battle sequences.

– Caleb Harris

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