Flick In A Limerick

The widows of a team of thieves
Are given no real-time to grieve
A crime boss still wants his share
So now these woman must dare
To pull  believe off a heist no one can believe

Shot Caller – Steve McQueen

Role Play ( Viola Davis, Liam Neesan, Jon Bernthal, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Daniel Kaluuya, Michelle Rodriguez, Elizabeth Debacki)

Nose Candy

“Our husbands aren’t coming back we are on our own. I’m leaving tomorrow hope to see you then”

“How are we supposed to trust you?”
“Because I am the only person standing between you and a bullet in your head. Because I wouldn’t ask you to do anything I wouldn’t do myself.”

“I’m not being treated like shit. Not by you or anyone else ever again.”

“If this whole things goes wrong I want my kids to know that I just didn’t lie down and take it. I did something”

Style Points

+opening shootout/chase
+circular freestyle rap
+car ride cinematography
+switch pans
+ wheel chair bowling alley

Money Shot

The Heist

The Big Finish

It is incredibly pleasant to see an action film with a main cast of all females get an incredible run today. The heat of the city is well captured as violence in Chicago has been a well documented and unfortunate circumstance. Masterful is Steve Mcqueen’s direction displaying an array of car angles, long takes and swish pans that are visually pleasing. Viola Davis is excellent as well as her heist click which includes the always bad ass Michelle Rodriguez and Elizabeth Debicki. One can’t help and watch this and recognize the Cynthia Erivo train is about to take off as she is very impressive and stole many scenes in this picture. Daniel Kaluuya has tremendous range as I legimately bought the english actor as a straight up hood thug. An issue with most heist films is that the drama is very miniscule until the actual robbery takes place. That is no different here but there is still enough meat in the middle to satisfy watchers with incredible performances and unpredictable plot points. Widows is stylistically a treasure but buried underneath the surface lies the importance of picking up the pieces after a tragedy in order to live a life that is fulfilling.

– Caleb Harris

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