Flick In A Limerick

After Creed becomes the heavyweight world boxing champ
The son of Ivan Drago challenges in order to make his stamp
Creed must got war
Finding out what he is truly fighting for
To win he must derive inspiration from his entire camp

Shot Caller – Steven Caple Jr.

Role Play (Michael B. Jordan, Tessa Thompson, Sylvester Stallone, Phyllicia Rashad, Dolph Lundgren, Florian Munteanu, Wood Harris”

Nose Candy

“Are you here to prove something to other people or prove something to yourself?”

“Around here we put strays away”

“A fighter with nothing to lose that’s dangerous”

“Don’t pretend this about me and DON’T pretend this is about your father”

“Beat what they couldn’t beat rewrite history”

“You wouldn’t mean anything to anyone if you didn’t do what you love right”

“You wanna change things in a big way you have to make some big changes”

Style Points

+Rocky callbacks
+Bianca’s hearing aids
+Point of view punches
+Desert training montage
+Elaborate Boxing entrances

Money Shot

Creed Drago showdown

The Big Finish

The fight is on! I was honestly skeptical without Creed forefront man Ryan Coogler not directing however Steven Caple Jr. passes with flying colors. His predecessor added his own distinct style at the same time still keeping the true essence of the Rocky/Creed energy intact. Michael B. Jordan delivers a great all around performance as before. Tessa Thompson and Phyllicia Rashad character’s I think really helped will Adonis to dig for something greater. Sylvester Stallone who also has a writing credit is outstanding. Rocky the character is given so much arch and material but still did an excellent job not overshadowing or clashing with the Creed storyline. The fight sequences are shot incredibly well with the build ups to them really feeling like preparing to watch a legetimate huge boxing match. Ivan Drago and his son Viktor are given authentic motivation to fight to return their family name back to prominence. There is so much conflict and a rewarding resolution that masterfully sums up all of the films from Rocky 4 to this point. A well worthy sequel, Creed 2 recoils nicely keeping the promise of the original while adding another hard-hitting punch to the overall franchise.

– Caleb Harris

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