Flick In A Limerick

A poor black man with poor self esteem
Gets a job as a telemarketer for a revenue stream
The more he attains success
His life becomes a mess
Getting caught up in an evil ceo’s outlandish scheme

Shot Caller – Boots Riley

Role Play – (Lakieth Stanfield, Tessa Thompson, Jermaine Fowler, Omari Hardwick, Danny Glover)

Nose Candy

“You don’t speak white enough I’m not talking Will Smith white that is just proper. I’m talking really white”

“You side step more than the temptations”

“Don’t listen to what I say. Listen to what I want.”

“Stop why would you subject yourself to this?
It’s a part of the show you of all people should know just stick to he script.”

“Why did you have them check your dick? I mean you have big nostrils they should have checked your nostrils?

Style Points

+art direction
+Detroit’s exhibits and protests
+ garage transformation
+ phone call teleportations
+bar scene effects
+swish pans during team rally
+media blitz sequence
+ police riot

Money Shot

Post credit

The Big Finish

Wow I did not see that coming. The entire “use your white voice” that is used to promote this film is all one huge front so get prepared. Many stereotypes of Caucasian views on African-Americans and vice versa are cleverly explored. I can’t speak enough on how imaginative the art direction is exhibited. This movie seems like it wants to do so much at times and introduces too many themes that are never all the way flushed out. Focusing on labor laws and unfair work practices is when the picture is at its best. Lakieth Howard is rapidly becoming a huge presence in movies and is great here. I am always a fan of Tessa Thompson’s work as her performance is incredible. Danny Glover is excellent in his short cameos. I love his 0 effs attitude at this stage of his career as he really provided a nice veteran presence and humor. This movie is definitely not afraid to take risks venturing in far off directions on numerous occasions. A creative satire, Sorry To Bother You delivers an unpredictable impactful message that is outlandish brilliant.

– Caleb Harris

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