A couple trips to live out a beautiful dream
Unfortunately things don’t turn out like they would seem
Their vacation gets interrupted
By an organization that is corrupted
And try not to be victims in an illegal elaborate sceme

SHOT CALLER – Deon Taylor

ROLE PLAY (Paula Patton, Omar Epps, Roselyn Sanchez,Laz Alonso)


“I think there is a guy from the gas station following us”

“Doesn’t it feel a lot like the fourth of July”

“You’re not the first person I called”

“If you do this they will come after you”
“Let them”


+ Jump cuts
+Forest fight
+Escape sequence
+Gas station flashbacks
+Trafficking statistics


Shootout in the old mans house sequence


What a very unexpected play on words. I knew nothing about this film going in so I was definitely surprised how the turn of events transpired and ultimately played out. Paula Patton is excellent delivering one of her best performances in a role that required her to perform high physical activity. Omar Epps always and still has the charming demeanor and makes it very easy to empathize with his character. Brea and John’s love angle is captured well. This movie is also very unpredictable and will have viewers hooked on what will happen next. Some moments linger on a bit too long and the main villain along  with the sheriff came off way too cheesy which brought this film down a notch for me. The call back scenes were shot nice at the end however the final moments are EXTREMELY farfetched. Beyond the plot points Traffik sheds light on an unfortunate industry generating a lot of revenue that needs to be taken down.

-Caleb Harris

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