Growing up in Baton Rouge,  Louisiana. I have witnessed a great portion of the city continuously expand into a delightful and thriving area. On the other side of that coin I have also witnessed my portion of the town that is continuously on the decline with seemingly no hope of restoring it whatsoever. I’ve sadly seen a vast majority of the places I photograph fade over the years. I would be lying to say I do not do Urbexing for selfish reasons. I want to shed light on some of the wreckage of Baton Rouge as inspiration to once again grow it into a desirable place.

I enjoy urbexing photography because opposed to photographing the finishing touches of an extravagant monument. I like to take time to marvel the designs that have depreciated over time. Abandoned buildings, foreclosed houses, rundown businesses, defaced property or pretty much anything that is damaged or used would qualify.

I think a finished product is exquisite and I can definitely respect the craft and the detail. However I feel structures that are in ruin tell deeper stories. They are more multidimensional. I can easily imagine a family that grew up in a now condemned home or how an old local business used to service the entire neighborhood. I can hear the music played in that one time nightclub where there is a party still going. I find treasure out of others trash because dying art is a work of art even if it is a work in progress. It’s beautiful to me. I enjoy scouting new areas where I can find these remains and show respect to these places to breath new life into them.