Flick In A Limerick

A hustler who never passed high school
Loses his job and feels like a fool
To try and make things right
He tries to earn his G.E.D at night
So he can finally get a job and live a life that is cool

Shot Caller – Malcom D Lee

Role Play ( Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish, Tarzan Killam, Roman Malco)

Nose Candy

“I risk my life coming to this country so I can place pubic hair on some random guys cheesecake”

“Aren’t you too old to be a pop star?
Aren’t you a little young to die”

“Crack this up like a walnut”

“There’s no cure to what you have
You mean I have learning herpes?”

Style Points

+explosion shot
+tow truck
+Pythagorean theory graphics
+prom scene
+break in scene

Money Shot

Graduation Speech

The Big Finish

Seriously obtaining an actual high school diploma is not as difficult as this movie made it seem like getting a G.E.D is. Kevin Hart is funny here as even when it seems like the material he has will not work he keeps pushing the joke until I couldn’t help but crack a smile. It girl Tiffany Haddish is spectacular here as well and as crazy as she is I actually bought her as a real teacher during some scenes. The love angle is actually very commendable. The big reveal is very obvious and something that everyone could see beforehand. This movie is way too long for what it is trying to capture. It felt like being in class with that teacher that says the bell doesn’t dismiss you I dismiss you for no apparent reason. For instance some jokes linger on way after the punch line and the whole part about Hart’s character not being able to pass the test really is an excuse to extend the run time. Really Night School is pretty sub par however the performances by the two genius leads make this film passible.

– Caleb Harris

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