Flick In A Limerick

Friends Starr and Khalil go to a party that ends in a fight
Starr witnesses Khalil get murdered by a police officer that night
Protests break out
Starr begins to doubt
If she should speak up for what is right

Shot Caller – George Tillman Jr.

Role Play (Amandla Stenberg, Algee Smith, Anthony Mackie, Russel Hornsby, Regina King, Common, Issa Rae, Kj Apa, Lamar Johnson)

Nose Candy

“Nobody has super powers  like you shine your light I snot name you star by accident”

“Hurt like that don’t ever leave you but trust you gotta keep pushing ya feel me”

“It’s hard to be unarmed when your blackness is the weapon they fear”

“I didn’t know a dead person could be charged with their own murder”

“Reasons to live give you reasons to die”

“If you don’t see my blackness you don’t see me
I see you”

“We can break this cycle how many of us have to die before you get it?”

Style Points

+Locker room drown out
+Party scene
+Star convo with common
+Double protest scene
+”I gave you power in your names” – Dad speech
+Grand jury scene
+Final Cop confrontation

Money Shot

Starr finds her voice

The Big Finish

Police brutality has long been an unfortunate occurence that is relevent in society. One of the main reasons why this issue seems to be more abundant is because of the presence of camera phones. The Hate U Give deeply explores the fear african americans live with when it comes to interactions with law enforcement. 2 Pac’s presence gracefully guides this picture from the music to the city of Oakland to his unapologetic thug life tattoo. The hate u give little infants fucks everyone is a metaphor that describes institutionalism in low-income communities. Placing people below the poverty line not having access to proper neighborhoods,schools and jobs. With easy access to drugs and violence, urban families fall victim to the cycle of being products of their environments. The story is commendable with young Starr who struggles with being black in all caucasian surroundings because her parents want to shield her from the hardships they endured. When she witnesses her black friend get murdered by a cop she does not want to speak up for reasons such as not wanting to look pitiful in front of her friends at school or resentment that comes from her fathers past life. The protest scene is shot really well as it is graphics adds such realness to this picture. The film is also bookended nicely with a clever wrap up. The Hate U Give is a movie all races should witness as it  provides power to find your voice and stand up for what you feel in your heart.

– Caleb Harris

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