It’s been 30 days since my last notice
And it still hasn’t been enough time to cope with,
That in a few hours I will be out on the streets homeless
Feeling hopeless I take in deep breaths
Just so I can relieve stress
Three a.m. I’m still up and haven’t been to sleep yet
But with my problems who really needs rest?
Feel like I don’t have any dignity left
I’m stuck in hot water unfortunately I’m just getting my feet wet
I’ve been stuck in this depressed zone
Ever since this angry bill collector called me on the phone
And told me I need some other place to call my own
Because this house is no longer going to be your home
Not being able to pay bills does make for a bad tenant
As a man it hurts that I couldn’t honor the commitment
I’ve been left for death
So I always prepare for the worst but expect the best
But nothing got my nerves more wrecked
Then sitting in a loan office waiting to get my credit checked
Now my applications denied and I’m breaking down in front of this lady that I never met
Pleading that in retrospect
If u follow my blueprint you’ll see my every steps successNo one seems to care that my heart is pouring
Meanwhile income is stagnant and the market is soaring
Even if it meant my personal possessions may end up in storage
A realtor got me to sign my name on this mortgage
Knowing that as time progresses I wouldn’t be able to afford it
A victim to how the house closing scam is distorted
I’m pacing back and forth
Because I know my cash is short
There are men standing at the porch
Ready to attack with force
Now there’s no options to stay if I could
Memories are about to be stripped away for good
Six am there’s the abruptness of banging on wood
Loud enough to awake the entire neighborhood
And before the sheriff could have his gun drawn
Men began to take my belongings and put them on the front lawn
And before I could even blink
Everything was removed except the kitchen sink
Now I’m on the brink
Of throwing up this alcoholic drink
With all eyes watching I struggle to keep my composure
A downfall predetermined from first loan to foreclosure
With financial institutions profiting from my poverty
Heartache is all that remain as I exit the property

-Caleb Harris