Flick In A Limerick

During he height of the crack epidemic things are a mess
A kid becomes an informant and starts to impress
Instead of dropping the dime
He gets caught up in this life of crime
And tries not to go down in the process

Shot Caller – Yann Demange

Role Play ( Matthew McConaughey, Richie Merritt, Bel Powley, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Brian Tyree Henry, Rory Cochrane, RJ Cyler, Jonathan Majors, YG, Taylour Paige)

Nose Candy

“America is the only place in the world where all a man needs is his brain and his balls to make shit happen all it takes is vision.”

“You can talk like a nigga but you don’t know the first thing about living like one.”

“It doesn’t really matter who pulled the trigger because we all know who put the gun in his hand.”

“We can do this I know their plan and I know their game. Nobody is going to help us we have to do this before it is too late.”

“Would you believe a 15-year-old kid was working for the federal government
…He was”

Style Points

+1980s Detroit
+Juicyfruit wedding
+Preparing crack sequence
+Pool party
+Club fight
+Drive by
+Birth scene
+Car crash scene

Money Shot

Jail phone conversation

“You’re my best friend you’re my only friend as long as you got me your sister and your daughter you don’t need nobody else.”

The Big Finish

Impressive is this account of a true story taking place at the height of Detroit’s crack epidemic. Matthew McConaughey is incredible really bringing prestige to this project. Every scene he is in is  magnetic taking anyone he is performing with to another level. Cinematically this piece is very well shot and has an array of gripping moments. This is a movie that I thought would have been better if it was done with Rick’s narration that way it could put us into his psyche more. Rick Wershe Jr. participated in interviews and even admitted the movie made him more of a kingpin then he actually was. Obviously done for entertainment purposes. It just didn’t seem like this was a story told from Ricks point of view as opposed to watching a series of events take place. I also think the ending of this film did an excellent job of promoting prison reform as even though several laws have been passed to help deplete this issue there is still a long way to go. Behind the flashy embellishments, White Boy Rick offers a serious look inside a young mans quest to find balance while also distributing facts on how the judicial system treats non violent offenders.

– Caleb Harris

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