Flick In A Limerick
Ron Stallworth is the first on his police force who is black
He infiltrates the Ku Klux Klan to throw them off track
Going undercover
A white officer pretends to be this brother
To stop the white supremist group from carrying out a terrorist attack
Shot Caller – Spike Lee

Role Play (John David Washington, Adam Driver, Laura Harrier, Jasper Paakkonen, Topher Grace)

Nose Candy
“All power to all people”
“Can we do that
I believe with the right white man we can do anything”

“A good nigger is like a good dog as soon as you get close to them they break your heart”

“You gotta bring some to get some”

“If I would have known this was a klan meeting I never would have taken this motherfuckin job”

“When two Afros touch together it’s good luck”

Style Points

+Hell no we won’t go rally
+Interrogation scene
+Newspaper clippings
+Slanted camera angles + split screen during phone conversations
+Initiation ceremony
+Bomb sequence
+Classic Spike Lee dolly shot in hallway
+Charlottesville footage

Money Shot


Final Conversation

The Big Finish

It was so much easier to prank call people before face time. Spike Lee is back like he forgot something utilizing camera angles, effects and his classic dolly shot to perfection. There have been rumblings about Lee not aging well with his work but his latest visual is an astounding piece I can’ speak enough of his direction. John David Washington is the spitting image of his father and reminds me of him so much. It must be difficult to try to live up to a dad who is a legendary actor but it is performances like this that makes me sure Washington will be just fine and has a historic career ahead of him. Adam Driver is a special talent as he marvels during all of his screen time. I really enjoyed this film but there were some glaring problems for me. The biggest being that Washington’s Stallworth performance is based on of his ability to talk to caucasian people in a “white voice” however he talked the same through the entire movie. Washington’s character was very honorable, intelligent and articulate. His voice offered no real difference to me in any point of the film I am shocked no one pointed it out. Unless it was and Lee just cursed them out for it. Also I admire Lee’s ability in past films to blend powerful topics with humoristic satire. It is just in this movie there is a very serious tone up until the final act where things just go haywire and turns into somewhat of a dark comedy with no notice. Being a Louisiana native David Duke and the KKK have always been an unfortunate presence in my life. This film did a good job of opening eyes to his bigotry and how little America has come since the 70’s. The touching Charlottesville tribute was also very well executed. In one of the most bizarre stories to ever happen, Ron Stallworth’s heroic effort to stop terror is encapsulated masterfully in this brave big picture.

– Caleb Harris

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