The loud commotion is an unwelcome first impression
Constantly on guard I move with discretion
Seas of people clogging each intersection
Difficult to navigate through streets of congestion
Not in my comfort zone ambushed by infrastructure
The shimmer on buildings don’t have the same luster
In over my head I set my sights high
Blinded by the lights I can’t enjoy the nights sky
Surrounded by what most will never touch
The big city bug hasn’t bitten me much
Waves impact in the form of a different heat
Preferring an open range to the uncomfortable concrete
The plain lifestyle is where I am most at ease
Finally seeing the forest for the trees
Not what I expected trying to keep my poise
Out of my element there’s an appreciation for uncommon joys
In a state of panic
The simplest taken for granted
A constant challenge
competing with heavy traffic
expensive habits
and social status
The culture shock is enough to let out a scream
To live a nightmare means to follow a dream
Must be something in the water the taste is peculiar
No one knows anyone every person unfamiliar
Even though the writing on the wall said to leave
Far from home now all I do is grieve
The experience was needed in order to believe
There is a difference between wanting something and being ready to receive
Met with low faces
My presence leaves no traces
The heavy population is one of the most lonely places
I miss the open spaces
That became my own oasis
Longing for peace in an eternal homeostasis

-Caleb Harris