Flick In A Limerick

Collin is on the final days of probation
He witnesses a cop murder at a bus station
Collin and his best friend
Have relationships they must mend
and ponder if he should tell what he knows on the situation

Shot Caller – Carlos Lopez Estrada

Role Play ( Daveed Digg’s, Rafael Casal, Janina Gavankar)

Nose Candy

“What the hell is in green juice to where it cost 10 dollars”

“We get it your car has an alarm congradufuckinlations”

Style Points

+Tisha Campbell cameo
+Use of split screen
+Fight reenactment with opera music
+Baby with gun
+Cemetery Spot

Money Shot

Basement Freestyle

The Big Finish

Real life best friends Daveed Digg’s and Rafael Casal really deliver in this moral dilemma piece. Their companionship is easily commendably transparent. Stylistically this film is fresh with fun use of color, transitions and music. The urban bay area scenery is poetically captured. Both young friends are forced to come of age and learn valuable life lessons while trying not to get into any more trouble then they already are in. Collin has to consult his conscious the gravity of holding on to his secret that really starts to eat away at him. This film exudes a certain energy one can’t help not to get overwhelmed in. Blindspotting is a chilling account on friendship, race and doing what you believe in your heart is right even if it is at your own detriment.

– Caleb Harris

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