Flick In A Limerick

A legendary diver saves a crew that is trapped
The Meg makes a way to escape before they can react
The crew must embark
To stop this shark
Before the prehistoric creature the can attack

Shot Caller – John Turtletaub

Role Play (Jason Statham, Li Bingbing, Rain Wilson)

Nose Candy

“Did you have those Whales here on que?”
“I might have lured them with some whale songs”

“He looks heroic and he walks fast but he kind of has a bad attitude”

“We are in international waters so legally I can kick your ass and not be arrested”

“Legally he could good thing he doesn’t hold a grudge”

“Man vs mate is not a fight it’s a slaughter”

“You may be a son of a bitch but you sure as hell ain’t no coward”

“It’s not only about the ones you lose it’s also about the ones you save”

Style Points

+Going in and out of the ocean shots
+Jonas setting the tracker on The Meg
+The Meg eating the Whale
+Jonas saving Suying
+Beach scene

Money Shot

Jonas one on one vs The Meg

The Big Finish

A killer shark attack film can never go wrong. This movie starts off incredibly slow for an action piece but does start to make up for it by the beginning of the second act. It could just be my sick demented side but I do think that The Meg could have went even crazier and ate up a lot more people for my taste. Jason Statham is charismatic as ever and is put in unbelievable sequences to make this film a worthy enough watch. Rain Wilson is also very good in the creepy investor role who does not care about any one elses safety just his own profits. Meiying is also very adorable. So is The Meg just another Jaws rip off? That is the only real question here. I would say this fun-filled biter thriller is an easy watch that has enough of its own identity to be put in its own separate category.

– Caleb Harris