Flick In A Limerick

A corrupt government comes up with a social experiment called the purge
To make crime legal for 12 hours to see if people can’t resist the urge
A neighborhood must fight
In order to survive the night
When violence begins to rapidly surge

Shot Caller – Gerard Mcmurray

Role Play (Y’lan Noel, Lex Scott Davis)

Nose Candy

“This night will not win”

“Get the fuck out of my neighborhood”

Style Points

+Close up shot during interviews
+News source cameos
+Purge party

Money Shot

Hallway shootout

The Big Finish

Innovative upon its release the Purge definitely was a fun concept enough to give audiences a thrill ride to witness horrific crimes being acted out because deep down everyone truly does have a demented side. Now it just seems like this premise is being beat to death with the release of this prequel to go along with a new mini series. The Purge Election Year focused on a corrupt government theme with The First Purge really ramping it up to another level delivering a more urban vibe then its predecessors. Monikers of political parties, the NRA and the KKK have a blatant presence as sources to create chaos. As an African-American this picture sheds a light on numerous conspiracy theories/concerns that is perceived throughout our race. Primarily providing easy access to liquor stores, drugs and guns to lower-income communities so that everybody can kill each other without higher forces having to step in and do it themselves. I can’t stress enough about how terribly the Purge movies have become at enticing violence for the sake of entertainment. I get the film industry is a huge business but with racial and political tensions rapidly increasing now is definitely not the right time for the release of the promotion of this kind of brutality. As much as I hate to admit with all that is going on in America some of the material that is utilized in this picture does not seem that inconceivable. The First Purge is definitely the worst out of the franchise that still continues to rake in which proves crime still and always pays.

– Caleb Harris

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