Flick In A Limerick

A new mission arises for Ethan Hunt and the IMF pack
A CIA assassin is hired to keep them all on track
An evil group called the Apostles
Have a plan to get hostile
So the team must race in order to get some weapons back

Shot Caller – Christopher McQuarrie

Role Play (Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Henry Cavill, Vanessa Kirby, Sean Harris, Ving Rhames, Angela Basset, Michelle Monaghan, Simon Pegg, Alec Baldwin)

Nose Candy

“I should be dead
We all should be dead
Why aren’t we dead?”

“There has never been peace without suffering. The greater the suffering the greater the peace”

“It’s done when I say it’s done…it’s done”

“That was awesome
Shut up”

“I’m in a helicopter going after Walker
How did you get in the helicopter
You know how to drive helicopter
What the hell are you doing in a helicopter”

“Nothing happens because you were here and I will always sleep soundly knowing you will always be. I am right where I should be and so are you.”

“We need people like you that care about one person just as much as they care for the millions”

Style Points

+Tom Cruise stunts
+Iconic score
+Mask reveal teases
+Rack focuses
+Skydive scene
+Bathroom fight
+Bar fight
+Paris car chase
+Foot chase
+Mountain sequence

Money Shot


Image Via bbc.com

Helicopter. Enough said.

The Big Finish

Tom Cruise is the man. Simply put his dedication and effort into his craft is brilliantly displayed. His stunt work is ridiculous as I couldn’t even imagine attempting some of the things he executed in this piece. Lets all appreciate classic Cruise while we have him. We should enjoy his realism as we are witnessing a true movie star still in his prime and who knows when the next one will come along. Henry Cavil and his mustache are great here too. I am glad this movie told Justice League to eff off and not change the look of his character. The entire cast is excellent as there is more of an emphasis on the entire crew then from the predecessors. Each member of the team is given their own moment to shine. This entire story is pretty generic and could have been avoided if not for the actions of Shaw. Fallout basically consists of everyone making Shaw feel guilty for his doings… but who cares. The Mission Impossible franchise delivers another strong film and continues to take it higher. With captivating non stop action, incredible twists and tension building scenes. This is why you go to the movies. I don’t know where I would rank Fallout in the scheme of the entire series but one could definitely make the argument this is the best one yet which is another win.

– Caleb Harris

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