Robert Mcall a retired black ops still in his prime
Settles into his new life of avenging crime
He tries to get a troubled kid back on track
After a former colleague turns his back
He must fight off assassins before he runs out of time

SHOT CALLER– Antoine Fuqua

ROLE PLAY (Denzel Washington, Melissa Leo, Pedro Pascal, Ashton Sanders)


“There are two kinds of pain in this world, pain that hurts and pain that alters.”

“Make sure I get a five-star rating”

“It takes talent to make money it takes brain to keep it”

“If you don’t remember someone out loud then they die twice”

“You have a chance use it while your still alive. You don’t know what death is, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT DEATH IS.”

“You killed my friend so I am going to kill each and every one of you and the only disappointment is that I only get to do it once.”


+Eye Shot before bus kill
+Mccall’s enhanced senses
+Mccall’s Plummer family murder re-enactment
+Home invasion book shelf sequence.


Tower confrontation


Denzel Washington delivers a strong performance (shocker), really elevating this franchise from being mediocre to must see. The tone switches up numerous times from gory kill fest to crime drama to afterschool scared straight special. The brilliance of Washington does a good job however of covering up any of these movies flaws. Nothing moves the needle on whether this sequel is better or worse than its predecessor. This time MCcall’s motivation and enemy is a lot more personal. The violent action along with powerful dialogue is still prominent. There is also a very similar plot line revealed. In this case it is Mccall helping another troubled youth and being a kick ass black guardian angel for them. Kicking ass and taking names The Equalizer 2 provides another successful formula.

-Caleb Harris

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