Flick In A Limerick

Will Sawyer works at a skyscraper as a new hire
The one who brings him on turns out to be a liar
For the disaster he is the one to blame
He must try to clear his name
And save his family from the building on fire

Shot Caller – Rawson Marshall Thurber

Role Play ( Dwayne Johnson, Neve Campbell, Pablo Schrieber, Ng Chin Han, HAnnah Quinlivan)

Nose Candy

“Since the beginning of time man has been occupied with one simple desire to touch the sky”

“In order to be brave you have to be a little scared”

“He has my daughter it’s her life that matters not mine”

“My husband and my daughter are in that building I am not going to wait another damn second”

Style Points

+Security system PowerPoint
+Cinematography angle
+Ben death scene

Money Shot

Sarah Sawyer balancing to save her kid scene.

The Big Finish

The Rock reloads shooting out his latest movie in so many months Skyscraper. It is very difficult to get used to seeing Dwayne Johnson being so vulnerable in a film which took me out of it because I still pay to watch him kick ass and I never got a connection to his character. Neve Campbell really elevates this picture with her performance as she provides some much-needed drama that is lacking in the overall scheme of things. The family aspect is admirable but the rest of the characters have absolutely no depth and are cookie cut outs from other places. I took an exception to the writing which is very vague and none of the jokes landed for me. Rawson Marshall Thurber the director also wrote the film which is unfortunate because I do like the way he calls shots but the dialogue is just so dreadful. Outside of the mesmerizing cinematography and effects the premise of this story is way too unbelievable. The tone took itself seriously as this should have just been a fun careless action film that winks at the audience the entire way through. The only thing incredible about this latest blockbuster is life lessons we already know. Number one when in doubt use duct tape and number two if something stops working just hit the restart button.

– Caleb Harris

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