Creatures that hunt by sound have taken over humanity
A family must learn to live quietly after a tragedy
Parents undying affection
For their children’s protection
Are tested in order to withstand this monster catastrophe

DIRECTOR – John Karsinski

ROLE PLAY (John Karsinski, Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, Noah Jupe)


“Did you tell her you love her?”
“You should tell her you love her”

“Who are we?
If we can’t protect them
Who are we?
We have to protect them
Promise me
You will protect them”


  • Silent technique
  • Scoring method
  • Use of sign language
  • Quiet Prayer Shot
  • Dance scene with I pod
  • Quicksand escape scene
  • Evelyn and Regan using the frequency from hearing aid to kill creature



Lee telling his kids he loves them before sacrificing himself to the monster.


John Karsinski is extremely talented and has officially graduated from just Jim from the office. This is an impressive body of work. I can’t belive this is his first project pulling double duty starring and directing here. This picture offers an overall great theme, unpredictability, execution and payoff. There is incredible utilization of facial expressions and mannerisms that made me care about their situation. Even with the little dialogue every word that is uttered is both meaningful and impactful. The scoring is excellent cleverly changing volumes in order to heighten the tension or diminish the stress of a scene. I would have liked to have more clarification on how the rules of the universe worked such as how loud can one possibly be? There is some lack in continuity such as the family went through such great lengths to not be noisy. Within moments of Evelyn dropping the picture frame the blind monster was able to navigate his way into the house coming right next to her. What about when someone sneezed or coughed or when they made love? They made childbirth look like a breeze without any loud excruciating labor. The baby was born just chilling no crying whatsoever. I’m not even going to even go into why in the hell were they even having a kid in the middle of an apocalypse in the first place. Even though the daughter Regan is going through her self-centered prissy preteenager phase, it was very realistic to have Lee profess his love for her regardless ultimately sacrificing himself to save his children. A Quiet place makes a bold statement that the horrors of parenting are real and there is nothing a guardian won’t do to protect their own.

-Caleb Harris

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