Flick in a Limerick

An antisocial primatologist whose only friend is an ape
Is rattled when an experiment causes his pal to mutate
More genetically enhanced creatures
Terrorize a city with new super like features
A fight to save humanity and a friendship is at stake

Director – Brad Peyton

Role Play – (Dwayne Johnson, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Breanne Hill, Joe Manganiello, Naomie Harris, P.J. Byrne.)

Nose Candy

“If animals like you they kick you, if they don’t like you they eat you, always know where you stand”

“Even assholes deserve a second chance”

“I also have a PHD in calling people on their shit”

“ I’m going to choke you out so bad you are going to urinate yourself in front of a lady. That is not a good look”

“You know us cowboys we can’t stand leaving our friends behind”

“What are you doing?”
“Feeding a monster to a guerilla!”

“You mess with my friend you mess with me mother -“

Style Points

+ Establishing shot space craft explosion
+ George escape from laboratory
+ Sniper scope shots
+ Random run over spot with deer
+ Wolf taking out helicopter in mid-air
+ Close up parachute shots
+ Genetically enhanced creatures tearing up city

Money Shot


Of course the wolf has wings!

The Big Finish

Friends. How many of us have them? Wow this is an incredible display of companionship. To think I can’t even get my friends to pick me up on time from the airport. This film has incredible CGI for the mutated animals as well as impressive visual effects during the action sequences. The triple beast battle pinning ape vs wolf vs alligator is epic. Dwayne Johnson is charismatic as always though this film suffers from “The Rock” problem where most of his dialogue consists of checking someone’s candy ass into the Smackdown Hotel. I can suspend my belief enough to accept that Johnson is a muscled up genius who survives plane crashes and can stand toe to toe with enhanced creatures quadruple his size. What I will never buy into is Johnson’s inability to have success with women. Johnson has enough credible acting performances but the entire playing a loser who has no luck with the ladies in some of his movies is downright insulting. Some parts take itself too seriously like the over dramatic slow motion sequence of George getting shot down by snipers as well as the teased death spot after the climax. Then right after there is an explicit reference to put this film back in its place. This Dwayne Johnson jungle adventure is everything one would enjoy and expect. What isn’t expected is a likeable story of a mans unwavering loyalty to his friend and his struggle to regain faith in humankind.

– Caleb Harris

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