Flick in a Limerick

Before claiming her father’s inheritance Lara Croft wants to be sure
That her dad is not dead so she looks for him on an adventure
She gets kidnapped by a group called the Trinity
They search for a powerful entity
Raiding a tomb that discharges a disease with no cure

Director – Roar Uthaug

Role Play ( Alicia Vikander, Daniel Wu, Walton Goggins, Dominic West)

Nose Candy

“Death is not an adventure”

“It’s impossible to get here even harder to leave”

“Lara Croft you shouldnt have come here but I am glad that you did”

“You taught me to never give up,”
“That was a different time when I was a different man,”
“But I am still his daughter”

“Let him shoot me sacrificing my life is worth saving millions”

“I did not come all this way to watch you die”

“We’re not dead yet- no shit callback

Style Points

  • Boxing scene
  • Bike ride chase
  • Daddy daughter flashbacks
  • Sea storm
  • Lara in river and handcuffs sequence
  • Tomb puzzle sequences
  • The Himico Sarcophagus

Money Shot

Lara Croft uses the memory of her father to fight off Vogel infecting him with Himico’s finger and trapping him in the tomb.

The Big Finish

Normally I am not into reboots but this is a case I am glad was reopened. This film has strong suspense, nice action and cool cinematography. Alicia Vikander is excellent in the title role and there are perfectly executed interactions between her father, the antagonist and Lu. This movie did have some unbelievable scenes with Lara continuously being able to live through situations no mortal ever could. I personally did not mind this element because it is commensurate to the fantasy genre even though this Tomb Raider attempted to be way more reality based then the previous version. This film did however suffer from a lack of story telling. I did not like Lara’s fathers reasoning for abandoning her and giving up trying to reunite with his daughter. There is also no explanation or transition into Lara being an expert problem solver and intense ass kicker. In the first act she was getting beat up in a boxing ring and running away from three fourth graders with a pocket knife. Then less than a week later she is killing dudes armed with machine guns with a crossbow. The ending is compellingly well shot and there is also a fun post credit scene. I am not going to say the video game curse has been lifted just yet but Tomb Raider is definitely a great start and keeps the spirit of hope alive.

– Caleb Harris

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