Flick in a Limerick

The son of a legendary general struggling with remorse
Is hired to lead a team and get his life back on course
These young risk takers
Battle in their Jaegers
To save the world against this new dangerous Kaiju force


Director – Steven S. Deknight

Role Play (John Boyega, Jing Tian, Scott Eastwood,RInko Kikuchi, Charlie Day, Adria Arjona, Cailee Spaeney)

Nose Candy

“Big risks seek big rewards”

“If you can steal what know one else can steal you can like a king”

“I can’t believe she just hologramed me”

“If I have to choose between your pretty face and prison. I choose your pretty face”

“Don’t let what other people think who you are define who you are”

Style Points

  • Camera zooms and tilts
  • Slow motion Jaeger machine canonball shot through city
  • Woosah reference
  • Rogue Jaeger battle in Hong Kong
  • Virtual flashbacks
  • Circle cam on Amara during space station attack

Money Shot

Jake and Shao launching the final Jaeger into the Kaiju killing it before ejecting themselves.

The Big Finish

That was supposed to be more epic but it wasn’t. Know really those are the words that are uttered by main character Jake Pentecost during the climatic final battle which pretty much sums up this entire movie. This honestly is not a bad way to spend two hours it just seemed like there are too many storylines going on for what should have been a very simplistic plot. This film has incredible visuals and the big bot battles were bad ass. All of the performances are solid as this film was heavily lifted by a charismatic cast. There is very little character progression and missed opportunities to focus on Jake fixing his troubled behavior or struggling to find his place in society after the death of his hero father Stacker. This picture also struggled to find its sweet spot. There is a taste of Power Rangers with a hint of Transformers. I get the feeling that Uprising is too sour for adolescents with bots throwing up the middle finger and fast action but poor attempts of humor make it not be strong enough for young adults. Guillermo Del Toro’s gift is that he is able to concoct a dream space and have it adapted perfectly on-screen. Viewers definitely knew what the original Pacific Rim was and this continuation does not transport you elsewhere. Comparing the two films they don’t even seem like they take place in the same universe. Not exactly following in its fathers footsteps, Pacific Rim Uprising definitely delivers awesome android vs alien action that will make its predecessor proud.

– Caleb Harris

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