Rejected by society because we are not the same type
In broad day light, I may as well be hidden in plain sight
Deep down I’m losing a battle inside a cage fight, I may put on an act and play nice
But no one can know the real me to the world I have stage fright
Alone on an island I create separation
Mental preparation, Until I escape this destination
Lost in this space, An object out of place
So far ahead of my time I belong to a different race
Isolation is an addiction, Stay away from my condition
I tried on many stereotypes but I will never fit the description
Out of touch with reality, Defying the rules of gravity
Struggling trying to find my purpose in humanity
This world of confusion, Is a projection of my illusion
If my presence is unaccepted I’ll find solitude in my seclusion
It is obviously clear, I am not from here
An enigma with a stigma that invaded the atmosphere

On a search trying to find, Anyone of my kind
Rebels without cause isolated states of mind
The forgotten who are outsiders of the plans that were designed
Either sent from the future or something the past left behind
Off in the distance, You don’t acknowledge my existence
All forms of close encounters get pushed off with persistence
Outcasted as a prodigy, Otherworldly anomaly
Ironically criticized for being an unidentified commodity
Even as a neighbor, I am treated as a stranger
A misunderstood rare breed that is in danger
I am a reflection, Of public perception
Invisible to the physical is a lost soul seeking direction
Instead of follow the crowd I walk through my own portal
I am not a mortal, I am paranormal
I know I cant be wrong, I really don’t belong
A whisper in the wind free verse without song

-Caleb Harris