I’m a brave heart not the type that fear my style u can see bright and clear
I march to the beat of my own drum that only I can hear
When sticks on kitchen pans smash or the lids of two garbage cans crash
Block artists truly make treasure out of another mans trash
The inner cities hitten’ with every surroundings a different rhythm
A street musician so if u listen u can take in the vision
On the cement the names are cemented with the art they presented
Stroke of genius using waste in ways God never intended
Homemade instruments are instrumental like the wind when it whistle
Or the soft pitch of a patio when its being attacked by the summer drizzle
When I first came to this town I witnessed huge crowds begin to gather around
Brilliantly making an incredible sound off any item that was found
Down in the french quarter I got a glimpse of these performers
Producing percussion on the outside of street corners
There’s many accents in this place when you hear the accents in the base
The town is a melting pot and everybody gets a taste
They don’t go where paths lead just where no one has gone and started trail blazing
Since they couldn’t get heaven they settled by hell raising
I pickup the scraps of that crumbled piece of paper
To my climate I serve as natures ideal orchestrator
Created a solution and used our objects out of context
A revolution with our pollution and became a product of the projects
My drum is a cheap imitation but I cherish its vibration
A young generation born into innovation
To be different you have to dare when we need to produce a snare
Turnover a table or a chair outside of clubs or at a local fair
When experiencing this masterpiece you can’t help but tap your feet
And at night you won’t forget of all the people that would dance in the street
More than noise making its a creative expression some would say
Outlaws beating on bins like a slave master did on a runaway
When he was locked in the back and forced to keep down the volume
He silently makes his own tune as he pushes a broom
We gave junk a voice so affect us it hardly did
Inside the bar you can rejoice but outside is where the party is
Why would we wanna live large like a Rockefeller
Much rather take our enviroment and work a capella
Continue to break new grounds and be a trend setter
The streets and music goes together like notes and a measure

-Caleb Harris