Harassment has been deep secret in Hollywood for a long time. The victims of these unfortunate tragedies have been scared into silence out of fear and are forced to live with the pain everyday. Women not just in entertainment but in all work fields have long had to suffer to achieve equal opportunities, wages and respect. All it took is for one brave voice to speak up and soon after many others were inspired with the courage to come forward with their experiences. Last night was the 75th annual Golden Globe awards and what made this years event so special was the celebrities wearing all black and displaying complete solidarity in support of what has been christened the #Metoo Movement.

Media icon and future 46th president of the United States Oprah Winfrey (why delay the inevitable) was presented with the Cecil B. Demille Award. Oprah dedicated the honor to activist Recy Taylor an african american woman who was raped by three white men in 1944. She then turned her attention to all of the little black girls who were watching her become the first african american woman to receive this accolade. She assured them that a new day is upon us and that for all the offenders holding them back #TIMESUP.

One of the major criticisms of last nights show was how none of the male award recipients mentioned the Metoo/Times up movement. We saw how bad the hosts Seth Meyers initial monologue jokes went. If you don’t have anything good to say then just say nothing. It maybe just for the best as one of these gentleman could have really put their foot in their mouth with an offensive remark making matters worse. As men we have to do our part to help rid this problem. Both sexes need a better open line of communication as to what can be deemed offensive or not. Unwanted advancement on any level should not be tolerated.

Unfortunately there is always a dark side to these confessions. Such as the integrity being lost from both the accuser and the victim. It is devastating when there is an innocent person being charged by the greedy opportunist. That makes the testimony of the real sufferers more heroic because they risk the backlash of being called a liar, craving attention or not being considered for other work. Their stories are well worth it if just one finds their voice.

-Caleb Harris