Netflix has a lot of money to dish out lately. They spent 90 million dollars on their passion film project Bright. Now the media powerhouse has coughed up enough cash to get Dave Chappelle to do comedy again.

In the early 2000’s Dave Chappelle dominated the entertainment industry with numerous stand up specials to go along with his insanely popular The Chappelle Show. Over time however Chappelle grew uncomfortable with the spotlight, politics, and not being able to go places without people yelling out his popular catch phrases. He was so unhappy he turned down a 50 million dollar offer to continue his iconic sketch comedy series. Suddenly at the height of his fame Chappelle decided to leave the glamorous lifestyle behind him and move to Africa for a decade for peace and solitude.

Legendary actor Jim Carrey once said I wish that everyone could become rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see it is not the answer. I personally never believed that shit. It always seemed like a cliché statement celebrities would say knowing good and well that they wouldn’t ever give up their fortune if they had the opportunity.

Dave Chappelle seems rejuvanated in his two latest network specials Equanimity and The Bird Revelation. A wiser artist now he comfortably smokes cigarettes and in the latter sits on a stool to make for a more intimate experience in his comedy sets. Dave confidently speaks about how great a comedian he is and how he can pick a punchline out of a fishbowl and be able to make a hilarious joke out of it. Both shows were very culturally relevent as well with topics ranging from Donald Trump, voting and racism. He still has his fair share of dark humor with transgender and old private part jokes that are out of touch but successfully balances out the misfires with introspective reasoning.

Chappele details his fall from grace initially stating how stupid it was to walk away from 50 million dollars at his apex. Chappelle makes an early reference about how if he would have never left show business he would be like Kevin Hart. This is intriguing because of how talented and entertaining Kevin is, it is difficult to design new engaging material when you are consistently always working. At a point it has to strain ones creativity. Dave then tells the story of a pimp and a prostitute and eloquently explains the mileage on a ho theory. There are so many work shifts that a prostitute can take before having a nervous breakdown. Dave decided he did not want to be fucked by major corporations in exchange for capital anymore taking power into his own hands making his decision to walk away from it all more admirable.

Dave Chappelle now resides in Yellow Springs, Ohio away from the public eye. He drives a porch because quote “the Obama years were so good to him.” He speaks on the love he has for his wife and the relationship with his children who are getting their first opportunity to smoke weed. He has a bit about when his son called him from a party to come pick him up and replied “I can’t I am shitfaced.” Also there is the Donald Trump joke “You don’t know how scary the things that I read about in my briefings are.” and why he would never admit how scary things are to his own childeren. Chappelle seems very concerned with being a family man first and entertainer second.

Dave Chappele told a story early in his set about how when he was a child he lived in the suberbs and struggled to relate to his piers. When he went over to his caucasion friend Timmy’s house he realized how poor his family was compared to them, He went back and told his parents “Y’all need to step your game up. Truly money does not buy happiness. Years later after achieving everything he wanted and giving it up Dave Chappelle has reached that perfect medium of stroking success but not suffering from it.

-Caleb Harris