I had to be in first grade and my mother was late dropping my sister and I off to school one morning. She was a single parent taking care of two children as well as working a full-time job. Struggling just to make ends meet, getting two kids dressed in the morning to get them an education as well as be at work on time herself was a triumph alone. Even though we never had much my mother always had a resilient devotion to God and her loyalty kept her in high spirits no matter how difficult times got.

As my mother hurried us in her car we approached a railroad track with an on coming train. My mother knew she should have stopped even though were already so behind schedule as it was. Expeditiously she ignored the red flashing warning lights and attempted to beat the train. As we made in effort to race through the tracks the safety rails fell right on top of the vehicle leaving us trapped. My mother tried to maneuver the car through but to no avail.

“Lets get out of the car” I yelled in a panick. I reached for my seatbelt when my mother stopped me. She hovered over my sister and I and immediately started praying. Scared for my life the head of the train sped closer with its loud horn beginning to drown out anything that was coming out of my mother’s mouth at the moment. Miraculously the gates let up and we escaped in the brink of time before we could be harmed.

I always wondered was I supposed to die in that moment. Was God protecting us when he heard my mothers prayers? Did he put us in that position in the first place as a test? Was the entire situation just a random accident and have no spiritual connection whatsoever? My mother and her unwavering faith would not allow us to leave the car. She knew that her relationship with God was going to be enough to save us. If it was our time to leave Earth, it was in the cards and my mother was satisfied with that as well. This was my first near death experience and my mother’s belief is inspiring to me always.

-Caleb Harris