What does spirituality mean to you? The dictionary gives a vague definition stating spirituality – ” The quality of fact of being spiritual.” Spirituality is such a broad term and it could mean contrasting things to different people. Some equate spirituality to religion such as serving a God or higher being. Others use spirituality as an artistic expression, a fitness component or an avenue to arrive at a specific place mentally. I think most can agree that spirituality is an experience with the soul. They are the indescribable feelings, occurrences, random coincidences or mistakes that just can’t be expressed in words.

I’ve always pondered over the meaning of life. Is there a reason why humanity and myself personally were created?

My mother was very religious and took me and my sibling to church several times a week. As I grew older and more rebellious I felt that I needed to search for and experience answers for myself. Religion can be associated with being spiritual but I find it to be so much more. Growing up I didn’t stand out at anything. I always wondered what was my calling or my place in society.

Over time I have done continuous research on spirituality and have developed my own practices, interpretations and experiences on the phenomenon.

Some Daily Rituals

  • Prayer
  • Mantra
  • Learn
  • Plan Execution
  • Work Out
  • Run
  • Network
  • Service
  • Journal
  • Creative Outlet

In these procedures I feel a I have developed a spiritual awakening and general purpose in life. Some attributes I have attained include:

Empathy – Maintaining relationships are healthy as I always set aside time to connect to a higher power, family, friends, spouse and my community. I am an empath and feel that I can relate to others. I always try to help and support people when they are in need.

Focus – Being spiritual gives me a different level mindset. It is being able to successfully plan and execute anything I put my attention on. I have more confidence and feel as though I have a different gear that nobody else has. When others are tired I am still going. In life, any difficult situation that occurs I feel there is no obstacle I can’t overcome.

Instincts – I have enhanced senses. I feel vibes from people when I see them. To when we meet the energy when we shake hands. I have an enigmatic telepathic ability where I can read thoughts and predict actions. Also I receive premonitions on situations before they occur.

Consciousness – I developed an awareness where I want to be in the know on as many subjects as I can. Whether it is social issues, finance, real estate, business, politics etc. I want to consume as much knowledge as I can. There are so many issues that effect me personally as well as my community. By educating myself in return I believe I will be able to educate and inspire others.

Peace – I have gone through my fair share of self-doubt and depression. Why was I ever created. I have experiences in losses and failures. My faith keeps me optimistic on my future and that my comebacks will be greater than my setbacks. I am empowered with a positive outlook and at peace with the person I am and becoming.

I consider myself a spiritual person. Daily I aspire to achieve more and contribute to a cause bigger then myself. I think it is great people can have multiple interpretations on spirituality and still really have no definitive answer. And in the future I could have a totally new perspective. I may never find out the meaning of life and maybe completely wrong on my analysis. When it comes to the question of what is spirituality I am on a never-ending journey to find out.

– Caleb Harris

Please let me now if you have any thoughts on What is Spirituality?