Director – James Franco

Flick in a Limerick

Two aspiring actors who aren’t any good

Follow their dreams and move to Hollywood

Since they both can’t to get cast

They make their own movie at last

And become stars of their own film as they should


(James Franco, Dave Franco, Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, Josh Hutcherson, Alison Brie, Jackie Weaver, Zoey Deutch, Sharon Stone, Melanie Griffith)

Nose Candy

“Don’t worry about these people there is only you there is only me”

“Thank you for rushing over he made it through two fucking acts of Shakespeare”

“If Hollywood rejects us then we do it on our own”

“Life is not a closed set I want everyone to see”

“We are actors, the worst day on a movie set is better than the best day anywhere else”

“I gave you everything”
“No you ruined everything”

“That was fucking weird”
“At this point it would be fucking weird if he didn’t do something weird”

“How often you think Hitchcock got a response like this?..”

Style Points

  • Darkroom testimonials
  • One camera set up
  • Rooftop realization scene

Money Shot

At the premiere of “The Room” the audience discovers how horrible the film is and begins laughing. Embarrased Wiseau runs out of the theatre. Greg tracks him down and explains to him that even though the film was of poor quality the accomplishment was actually completing his project. Wiseau goes back into the auditorium surprised to see the moviegoers loved his work and is greeted with a standing ovation.

Final Touch

Even though The Room is considered one of the worst films ever created it has gained a cult like following and is admired for its unapologetic awfulness. I mean who doesn’t love watching a good tragedy? James Franco and Seth Rogen are a dynamic duo as always and this was the best performances I have witnessed on-screen from both of the Franco Brothers. This picture displays many aspects such as friendship, struggle and perseverance. The storytelling is remarkable as even though Wiseau was blacklisted in Hollywood he always wanted to star in a film so he created his own. The moral is inspiring as by any means one should make their dream a reality. One of the best movies of this year is based on one of the worst films ever created, James Franco successfully turns this Disaster of a piece into a Masterpiece.

-Caleb Harris

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