Director – David Ayer

Flick in a Limerick

A human and orc cop duo make an unlikely commodity

As they embark on an odyysey are forced to ditch policy

Gangsters, cops and mythical creatures

Chase after a wand and its magical features

As an evil elf attempts to fulfill a dark prophecy

Nose Candy

“My badge means more to me then the air I breath so don’t ever question me”

“If you act like my enemy you are my enemy”

“You going to have to fucking kill me if you thinking about putting me in handcuffs”

“How am I supposed to trust you when you don’t even trust me….good point”

A ton of funny Will Smith jokes.

Style Points

  • Blur focus as Ward pulls gun on Jakoby
  • Ward turning around and killing 4 cops
  • Car chase scene and subsequent crash into force field
  • Explosion as Jakoby drops the wand and gangster picks it up.
  • Strip club shootout
  • Elf getting shot in the refrigerator
  • Ward using the wand to kill Leilah

Role Play

Will Smith was every bit as charismatic as you can expect in a film. He still has so much star power as this is him at his best performing in a big budget action picture shooting guns and dropping funny one liners. He was actually very good here and has me really anticipating a Bad Boys 3.

Lost in the shuffle was the Joel Edgerton performance. He was a very empathetic character and humorous in his own right. From a marketing standpoint I comprehend why the film focuses on Will Smith so much but the story should have centered around Jakoby. He had to deal with so many aspects of not being accepted not just by humans or the police force but as well as other Orcs. Also Jakoby had the secret of what really happened during Ward’s shooting and having to earn his respect as well from other orcs at the end made for a courageous redemption angle.

Money Shot

Jakoby finally reveals what really happened during Ward’s shooting and is Consequently killed by the leader of an Orc gang. Tikka uses the power of the magic wand to bring Jakoby back to life.

Final Touch

I am still not totally ruling out the whole Gangbanging and Magic crossover in films. Seeing thugged out mystical creatures was somewhat unique to me. David Ayers has a distinct style as in many ways Bright did come off like Suicide squad visually. It’s like being caught up in a rap music video with cool shoot outs and effects. You get everything you want out of a film in Will Smith but I think Joel Edgerton really shined here. There is also an equality struggle that is incorporated in this film between races, social classes, mythical beings, humans and the police department that should have seemed more relevant. This really had the potential to be very dramatic and uplifting but just can’t seem to pull on those chords. Take the opening sequence when Ward beats down a fairy on his front lawn in front of his neighbors and yells “Fairies Lives Don’t Matter Today” This could have been taken as a light hearted joke but in many ways is how minorities view law enforcement. This is a film I think audiences will love because of its cool appearance but critics will smash because of lack of storytelling or sense for that matter. Bright is a 90 million dollar magical mess that is really enjoyable because Netflix picks up the Tab.

-Caleb Harris

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