Director: Christopher B. Stokes

Flick in a Limerick

An abusive husband beats on his pregnant wife

So she fakes her own death and starts a new life

After some doubt

The Husband finds out

Then tracks her down to bring up more strife

Nose Candy

“Keep an eye out for those good boys because those are the ones who turn out to be bad”

“No I don’t cook I throw down”

“He was the perfect guy until one day….he wasn’t”

“If I can’t have you nobody will”

Style Points

  • One take during Michael surprise birthday party scene
  • Camerawork during getaway scene
  • Music and lemon picking scene
  • Blur focus on necklace
  • Michael stalking point of view shots

Role Play

(Annie Llonzeh, Stephen Booker, Taye Diggs)

I thought Annie Llonzeh was great here and really made those frightening moments seem more authentic with her dramatic portrayal. I thought Stephen Booker couldn’t keep up with Annie’s performance as he wasn’t as charismatic. He does play the creepy stalker part well though. Taye Diggs who also served as a producer took the independent picture up a notch as a solid veteran presence.
Money Shot

Madison provokes a fight with her husband Michael and flees resulting in a car crash. She is pronounced dead at the hospital. We later find out that Madison faked her own death and executed a plan to move away, change her identity and start a new life for her and her unborn with the life insurance money.

Final Touch

Obviously domestic violence is a horrible issue that plagues our society and this film does an excellent job at highlighting the epidemic. The portrayals are suitable and the action is consistent. At times there did seem like there were some scenes that were omitted. There was a cool twist with Madison faking her own death however there could have been a more clever way for her husband to find out. Also there were some obvious gaps in logic with the plan such as not telling everyone you are close to and not moving far enough away. I also thought it was a good touch adding the abusive relationship statistics at the end. This film could have easily been avoided with adoption and a restraining order but love is blind. Til Death Do Us part serves as a cautionary tale of  life for victims of spousal abuse who see no way out of their situation.

– Caleb Harris

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