Director Hany Abu-Assad

Flick in a Limerick

A photographer and a surgeon take to the skies

The pilot suddenly has a stroke and dies

The plane crash landed

Our couple is stranded

They lean on each other as love starts to rise

Nose Candy

“I got you into this so if you don’t come back I understand
If I wanted to leave I would have left 3 days ago”

“Don’t blame me for your fucking problems if it wasn’t for me I would be dead”

“You know what would be funny of you weren’t really a doctor. You were just saying that so you could see my fancy underwear”

“If I am going to die I want this to ne my last picture and I want you to take it… How do I look?

Do you feel alive? I feel alive because of you”

“I told myself I would always love you even if you came back missing a piece of yourself”

“I struggled with the fact of losing my wife. I couldn’t cope with the fact of losing you too”

“The heart is just a muscle”

Style Points

  • Revolving cam on plane as Walter is having a stroke
  • Pans of the snow-covered mountains and beautiful scenery
  • Blur focus on Ben after cougar is shot
  • Love scene with flash backs of Alex and Ben’s experiences with each other
  • Red room photograph developing scene
  • Close ups on Alex and Ben as they walk away from each other from restaurant
  • Fades to black right before plane crash and final kiss

Role Play

Kate Winslet – Alex

Idris Elba – Ben

When you take two attractive people and have them dominate the entire screen time nothing can go wrong. Idris and Kate have excellent chemistry and worked off each other well here. Their performances really wraps you in and makes you feel something, forgetting about all of the glaring unrealness this film has. At least for me it did. These two great leads CARRIED this film to another level Kate on a bad foot for most of the movie I might add. There were some very gripping exchanges too such as the

Alex “All we have is me and you. I am scared stop acting like you are not scared too”
Ben “My instincts tell us that we are going to die.” scene. Also Ben’s  monologue to Alex as she was incapacitated attempting to revive her

Money Shot 

One of the rare instances where the money shot was the actual love scene for me. Ben and Alex find a cabin in the middle of nowhere for no explicable reason outside of the fact there is a bed for them to get it on at. As the two characters embrace, flashbacks are inserted from their journey with each other.

Final Touch

This film is as sappy as love stories get but hit all of the right buttons to sing to its audience. The cinematography is beautiful as it was refreshing to see actual landscapes not CGI. The performances by Kate Winslet and Idris Elba were top-notch and elevated the overall picture. There is a lack of drama in this film. Outside of the cougar or the falling through thin ice scene there were never any real stakes or moments you thought the couple were in actual danger. Good thing there wasn’t a floating door involved somewhere otherwise Idris wouldn’t have stood a chance. The latter third of this film took forever to get to the inevitable but ultimately they end up together as once you go black you don’t go back. I thought this film told an excellent story of never giving up on each other. The Mountain Between Us serves as a metaphor for boundaries that keep us a part from what we want most but still thriving to overcome.

– Caleb Harris

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