Director – Tomas Alfredson

Flick in a Limerick

A murderer builds a snowman after each killing
A drunk detective hunts him in a setting that is chilling
The action is slow
There is more and more snow
In this godawful mystery that is not so thrilling

Style Points

  • Faded color look
  • Cinematography outside looking in such as train, windows or bushes

Role Play

(Michael Fassbender, Rebecca Ferguson, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jonas Karlsson, Michael Yates)

Michael Fassbender’s portrays a drunk detective named Harry Hole, ( not a joke actual leads name in this film) which took away all authenticity from the character. We never get any back story as to why he is an alcoholic. Val Kilmer who unfortunately is battling an illness currently had a horrible voice over which looked like one of those bad japanese kung fu overlays where the mouth was moving but not on beat with the actual words.  The killer had a terrible motive. For a talented cast their was no feeling probably because they didn’t want to be in this film and they didn’t understand the plot either.

Final Touch

How this movie was actually allowed to be distributed nationally is beyond me. The story moves very slowly with absolutely no action.  The editing was lazy with scenes actually cutting away to soon. There is way too much b roll from a stock footage website that was shoved in that did nothing to contribute to the story. Snowman is just a uniquivocal plot that leads to a unsatiasfying ending.  An absolute waste of time. At first I was thinking that this film was so terrible that it didn’t deserve my review but then I thought if I could stop just one person from witnessing this abomination I will have done my good deed and make the world a better place.  In honor of this film missing key pieces there are key pieces of my usual write ups that are missing here. That and because there are no good lines or best part. So if this film is not all the way complete my review won’t be either.