Director – Zack Snyder


Humanity tries to cope with the absence of Superman after he was killed by Doomsday in the events succeeding Batman v Superman. Steppenwolf an evil villain is scouring the earth for 3 mother boxes that posses the energy to remake earth. Batman and Wonder Woman recruit others with super powers Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman to form the Justice League. The super heroes attempt to stop this new maniacal force and are confronted with the consequences of resurrecting fallen ally Clark Kent.

Nose Candy

“Back to the dark ages and the days of holy fear”

“I don’t have to recognize this world I just have to save it”

“We tend to act like the Doomsday bomb has a snooze button”

“What are your super powers again – I’m rich”

“If these are gifts then why am I the one paying for them”

“You won’t let me die but you won’t let me live”

“The world needs superman the team needs Clark”

“I believe in truth but im also a big fan of justice”

“How did you get the house back from the bank – I bought the bank”

Style Points

  • Wonder Woman protecting hostages from bullets
  • Steppenwolf escaping with box from Themyscira scene
  • Aliens stole my man interview
  • Steppenwolf underwater fight scene with Aquaman
  • Barry Allen freeze frames

Role Play

Ben Affleck – Batman The debate will always continue over who has had the best portrayal of Batman. I actually really enjoyed Affleck’s more bad ass version of the character in Batman V Superman. We didn’t see that version of Batman here as he mainly spent the film orchestrating the Justice League. There were also way to many references of How Bruce Wayne didn’t posses any super powers for my liking and continued the theme of him watching from the sidelines during the main fight sequences.

Gal Gadot – Wonder Woman I am very disappointed in the regression of this character espicously after all of the progress and critical acclaim from her solo film. If anything Justice League should have done everything to establish Diana as a main commodity after all of her success. I thought at times she was over sexualized with the low-cut outfits and ass shots. It was almost like they tried to Margot Robbie/ Harley Quinn her. I get giving the character sex appeal but I fee she lost a lot of substance having no memorable dialogue. I don’t know if this has to do with having different directors who have separate visions of the characters but something has to be established amongst all creators so there is consistency of characters throughout different films in the universe.

Henry Cavill-Superman – It was a nice change-up to see the Man Of Steel as evil. Even though we didn’t get to see much from him outside of an action standpoint. I am shocked that they didn’t just say “Martha” again during the fight sequence to stop him from attackingI8. There was progression with his turn which it made it more important.

Ray Fisher I though had the best overall performance in Justice League as Cyborg. He was sympathetic and intelligent. He brought an overall serious dramatic tone to the film that tried to be comical way more often than it needed to be. Jason Mamoa was a nice cool twist as Aquaman. He seemed like a college frat guy who always wanted to get drunk and also provided some comedic relief. Nice change because Aquaman does kind of get a bad rap as a lame super hero sometimes. There are so many people who have ben waiting for Barry Allen on the big screen and I thought Ezra Miller did a superb job. He was humorous and enthusiastic. Not to compare this film to Marvel again like so many others do but Flash did kind of come off like Peter Parker in Captain America Civil War. The kid that was just happy to be apart of the team.  All around great casting and use of big screen adoptions of iconic characters.

Money Shot



After Victor Stone reveals that he has possession of the last mother box, Bruce Wayne convinces the other Heroes that they should utilize its powers to resuscitate Superman. Once Clark Kent is revived he is confused and begins to attack the Justice League in a fun-filled fight spectacle with Superman threatening Batman for the cause of his demise.

Final Touch

I don’t comprehend the sworn secrecy of Henry Cavill reprising his role as Superman especially since his name was in the opening credits. It really made his death seem uneventful as he was not dead for long and really it did not take much to bring him back. I hate to be the asshole that compares every DC film to Marvel but there were obvious imitations such as the cell phone usage opening and trying to hard to be comical. The characters and backgrounds were way too noticeably CGI that it was distracting. Steppenwolf was very uninspired as a villain. He had the paint by numbers evil gimmick of just wanting to take over the world which brought the film down to me as he didn’t have personal motives. The performances were great as I thought each actor did a phenomenal job at adding nice touches to legendary heroes. My only grief was that the characters did get to silly at times and over attempted to be humorous. There are so many fans that have been waiting a very long time for this big screen project and condensed into 2 hours this was what we got. I don’t think this movie is memorable or has repeat value even for diehard comic book enthusiasts who dissect every plot point and easter egg. The DC universe after taking a step forward took a giant leap back as Justice League was a valiant effort not just superhuman.

– Caleb Harris

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