Director – Andy Muschietti


In the small town of Derry, Maine over the course of the summer of 1989 children begin to suddenly go missing. 7 kids in particular discover the entity is an evil clown called Pennywise that feeds off of the flesh of children every 27 years. These young outcast turned friends now have to face their deepest fears and problems within their own personal lives in order to rid themselves of this mythical monster.
Nose Candy

“Are those birth control pills – yea I was saving them for your sister ”

“Do you use same bathroom – as your mom yea then you probably have crabs”

“Go blow your dad you mullet wearing asshole”

“Can’t believe I drew the short straw to bad we weren’t measuring dicks”

“I wanna run to something not run away from something”

“Nothing like a little fear to make a paper man crumble”

“Now I’m going to have to kill this fucking clown. Welcome to the losers club asshole”

“We’re not afraid anymore, now you are because you are going to starve”

Style Points

  • Red balloon
  • Blur focus on Mike with gun
  • Audio when Ben was getting beat up
  • Beverly fighting It in sink
  • Rock war fight
  • It slide show projection
  • Creepy It doll room
  • Molly Ringwald joke we were all thinking
  • Blood brothers pact sequence

Role Play

(Bill Skarsgard, Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard, Jaeden Lieberher, Jack Dylan Grazer, Wyatt Oleff, Chosen Jacobs)

The opening sequence set the tone as it legit scared the shit out of me by the creepy Pennywise performance by Bill Skarsgard. The cadence at which he speaks is very well executed and gives a nice haunted feel. The Jaiden Liebeher Bill role sets up the story and pretty much brings all of the kids together. Unpopular opinion I didn’t agree with the stutter because it just did not come off as natural to me. Although it is very difficult for someone to successfully act out a speech impediment. In the later mentioned pit scene Jaiden had a very moving monologue sequence which I thought was the best in the whole film. I left this movie really thinking that Sophia Lillis is going to be a mega star as I really thought she had a great performance. Finn Wolfhard I thought was the best Loser Pack member. From here as well as in Stranger Things Finn is very charismatic and has a bright future. I can’t talk enough about how excellent the casting was for this film as across the board every performance was really good.

Money Shot

The gang search for their missing friend Beverly and end up in a pit where all of the cities missing kids bodies are floating in mid-air. Bill is approached by his little brother Georgie who asks him to take him back home with him. Bill always felt the guilt of his brother’s death and had to openly confess that to him. Bill recognises that it is actually Pennywise disguised as his brother and attacks him. The rest of the Loser Pack join in no longer afraid and are able to fight off Pennywise into oblivion.

Final Touch

I thought “IT” was an excellent piece of work. I normally don’t like remakes that is why I hardly review them but this was a good exciting movie from beginning to end. The symbolism as far as the 27 year tragedies, the red balloon and the Pennywise clown are iconic staples that stand the test of time. The casting was spot on as everyone played an intricate role and contributed to the overall flow of the film. The social issues that the gang had to deal with were very relatable and encouraging. The dialogue was great as it was sappy and inspirational when it needed to be as well as incorporating perfectly funny playground jokes. Even though the main cast is composed of early teenagers It is still a thrill ride all age ranges will enjoy. I remember watching the original “IT” at daycare and it gave me nightmares and watching this as an adult the spookiness still has that ever lasting effect. I left this film really looking forward to the next chapter in the franchise. “IT” is  a creepy classic revised for modern-day that still has the scary aura and lasting effect as the original.

– Caleb Harris