Director – Patrick Hughes


One of the world’s top bodyguards Michael Bryce (Ryan Reynolds) Is forced to keep notorious hitman Darius Kincaid  (Samuel L. Jackson) safe on a journey to get him to testify against a ruthless dictator named Belarus (Gary Oldmen) at the International Court of Justice. In exchange for Kincaid’s testimony his imprisoned wife would be pardoned. During the trek Kincaid and Bryce are attacked by vicious mobsters and are forced to put aside their past differences for the sake of each other.

Nose Candy

“Relax motherfucker if you hear the shot it wasnt meant for you”

“Your terrible at everything but your good at keeping people alive”

“My job is to keep you out of harms way, motherfucker…I am harms way

“Who is more evil he who kills motherfuckers or he who protects them?”

“This guy singlehandedly ruined the word mother fucker. Do you know how hard that is to do?”

“When life hands you shit you make cool aid”

Style Points

  • Great use of the mid shot
  • Ambush scene
  • Buddy a capella
  • Flashback when Darius and Sonya first met scene
  • Speedboat chase

Role Play

This is classic sarcastic asshole Ryan Reynolds ala the Change Up or Deadpool. We also get profanity laced Samuel L Jackson. I wasn’t counting but im pretty sure he may have surpassed his record for use of the word motherfucker from Pulp Fiction. These two play off of each other very well and the best part is it seems like they are having a lot of fun doing it. We get viscous Gary Oldmen who is a veteran of these kinds of roles. Selma Hayek and Elodie Yung are gorgeous and also get an opportunity to be humorous and kick ass in their own right.

Money Shot

Bryce and Kincaid finally make it to the trial where Kincaid presents irrefutable evidence against Belarus. Belarus knowing that his fate may be sealed orchestrates a truck bomb to explode outside of the courthouse. He then shoots Bryce and escapes during the diversion. Kincaid is hot on his trails and is able to track him down. He then tells him “you fucked up when you shot my bodyguard” and kicks him off a ledge to his death.

Final Touch

This was definitely a comedic explosion filled couple of hours. This film doesn’t over do it with special effects but delivers strong with camerawork and charisma from a star-studded veteran cast. Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L Jackson look like they are having some of the most fun ever on-screen. The dialogue is pretty funny and the script consists of every conceivable way to utilize the word motherfucker. The plot is really interesting especially the relationship between the two main characters. I actually do wonder if this was a thriller with a more serious approach with the same cast what this film could have been. The Hitman’s Bodyguard stays true to its identity with lots of fast paced action packed violence keeping watchers smiling the entire ride.

– Caleb Harris

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