Director – Luis Prieto


Karla Dyson ( Halle Berry) is a struggling single mother who is in an intense custody battle for her son Frankie. Karla takes Frankie to the park one day and as she is on a phone call Frankie gets abducted in broad daylight. Of course in a film no one saw anything in a heavy populated place. Karla spots Frankie being dragged into an old school mustang that peels off so she hops in her soccer mom van and chases after them for the remainder of the film.

Nose Candy

“You took the wrong kid”

Outside of that no real memorable lines outside of Halle dropping the f bomb a few times.

Style Points

  • Home movies with Frankie as a kid
  • Carnival ride shots
  • Disoriented shots as Karla first lost her son
  • Karla driving backwards through traffic
  • Fade to black after Karla being knocked unconscious

Role Play

I could watch Halle Berry make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich she is such a timeless beauty. With that being said even I could not stomach to watch her in this film for an hour and a half. This is extremely disappointing as I do believe Halle was excellent in this fiasco. The screenwriting was horrible as well with me especially hating the whole praying to God sequence only because I want my son back and I’ll never ask him for anything again.

Money Shot

Karla eventually finds her son at the house of the abductors. Margo one of the kidnappers chases after them with a shotgun. Karla and her son hide in a boat and at the opportune moment Karla attacks Margot. The two ladies struggle underwater with Karla eventually being able to drown Margot.

Final Touch

If she just would have taken the kid to get his face painted none of this would have never happened. Majority of this film is a car chase with road shots and street signs for time lapses. I wasnt even in a  vehicle and was getting motion sickness. There were a lot of prolonged scenes evidently done to make the mandatory 90 minute feature run time. Majority of this movie is unrealistic with no cops or civilians intervening whatsoever during this entire high-speed pursuit. Halle Berry is still a phenomenal actress with star power and as I mentioned I thought she was actually really good here. It is just films like this are basically a waste of her talents. Kidnap is a lackluster thriller that just demonstrates the obvious, playing Marco Polo is not an effective way of watching a toddler in public.

-Caleb Harris

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