Shaquille O’neal is no stranger to the rap game as he has dropped a commercially successful platinum rap album and made a diss song aimed at former teammate Kobe Bryant before. So it actually has come to this. 4 time NBA champion and arguably the most dominant player in NBA history has decided to drop a diss track on recent tormentor Lavar Ball. 2 things come to mind. 1 Shaq must be really bored and have nothing better to do since retiring and the season is on break so he is not commentating. Or 2 Shaq actually cares and wants to publicly embarrass Lavar for his recent remarks. This time Ball may have bit off more than he could chew with his latest bold and out there claim that he and son  Lamelo Ball could beat Michael Jordan and Shaq in a game of two on two. After several jabs back and forth Shaq finally decided to brush the dust off his mic and to take it on wax releasing a three-minute diss song over the Jay-Z’s “Blueprint “Momma Loves Me” beat aimed at the big baller brand ceo.

Nose Candy

“I been doing this a long time
While how were averaging 2 points riding the pine”

“You doing the most
You barbecue chicken in the post”

“You think you mailman you aint Jeff Malony”

“When you watch your son play look up in the rafters ”

“I am will smith I am legend”

In the end I do believe that Shaq is intelligent enough to realize all of the publicity that this “feud” between him and Lavar is generating does produce revenue. Even Shaq at the end of his latest release took time to acknowledge the great work that Lavar has done raising his children. Being a father himself Shaq realizes how difficult it is to raise young black males in today’s society and can at least respect that. I can’t lie, I think Shaq has flow. His bars were pretty tight and I wouldn’t mind hearing him on more features in the future. Shaq also praised the youngest Ball brother Lamelo with the sick line “your jumper is wetter then two thots in a swimming pool!” Shaq and Lavar are two business men at the end of the day and realize that this beef is more fun if anything else. Like it are not both men are part of the Laker family and must learn to coexist under one roof. Nobody wins when the family feuds. We have seen Lavar on multiple sports shows and even took his shirt off at a WWE appearance. The only real downside to this whole ordeal is that as attention hungry as Lavar is he is actually going to get in the booth and respond….yikes!

-Caleb Harris