Director – Jon Watts

Last Looks

My all time favorite comic book hero Spider-Man swings back in to theaters…again with Spiderman:Homecoming. Some believe the reboot is way to soon with this version being the third in 15 years. With so many different forms of the hero it could be feared that the character will become over saturated and less intriguing. I on the other hand am more optimistic. With Sony and Marvel being able to work out a partnership to allow the admired web slinger to make an appearance in the MCU, I believe this agreement is going to be very beneficial for both parties. Instead of retelling the same story again on the big screen redundantly this scenario follows a much younger Peter Parker who already gained his powers and was fresh off a huge mission assisting Ironman. My heart really couldn’t take Uncle Ben dying again it devastates me every time so I agree with not beating the dead horse and wasting costly screen time with showing the same story. So without further ado Marvel welcomes home one of its most popular and beloved superheroes.


Peter Parker returns to Queens, New York in the events following Captain America:Civil War. Tony Stark rewards him with a new high-tech Spider-man suit as Peter wishes nothing more than to become an Avenger. Trying to prove his worth Peter balances fighting crime while continuing his awkward high school years. Peter is forced to choose between letting down those he cares about most leading his double life, while a new winged villain begins to terrorize the city.

Nose Candy

“You just don’t do anything I would do… and definitely don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. There’s a little gray area in there and that’s where you operate”

“If your going to shoot somebody shoot me”

“I’m so far beyond high school”

” You need to understand, I will do anything to protect my family. I know you know what I’m talking about”

“If your nothing without this  suit then you shouldn’t have it”

“I was looking at….porn”

Style Points

  • Selfie cam video diary
  • Modern Spider-man suit with Tony Stark web slinger
  • Spider-man running through backyards
  • Climbing up Washington monument and using web to stop elevator from falling
  • Fight sequence on the ferry split
  • Battle on Coney Island

Role Play

Tom Holland- I thought Tom Holland was great here and really fit into being a younger version of Peter Parker being actually a few years older than what the character would suggest. He was humourous yet naive and uncoordinated but still cool and relatable for a youthful audience. I do not know if  Holland is the best Spider-man but he is definitely the most accurate portrayal of the character.

Robert Downey Jr.-Tony Stark was lovable as always and didn’t hog the film the way some may have suggested or exaggerated based on the film poster.

Michael Keaton- I can’t speak enough to how much he added from a performance standpoint. In super hero films having a great villain really elevates the story as a whole as Keaton nearly steals the show with a Loki level Marvel bad guy display.

Marisa Tomei – I’m going to say it, I am not a fan of hot Aunt May. I get being more realistic by having Peters mom sister not be old enough to be his great-grandmother but I love my Aunt May precious with a hint of senile. It was weird to see her dropping the f bomb.

Zendaya is so beautiful and talented as she was very fun at times with witty one liners. To me she just came off as a creepy stalker instead of the loveable girl next door. Even though it was a foregone conclusion she was going to be Mary Jane all we kept hearing was she is not and that she is a totally different character in her own right. I don’t comprehend the decision to call her MJ all of a sudden at the end.

Donald Glover was a nice touch as he campaigned to be Spider-man before so it was nice to fit him in. The decathlon buddies were fun too as Ned was real funny and Flash was more of a stuck up jealous tormentor then an actual bully. The Liz Allen portrayal was excellent as she is beautiful but still sweet and innocent.They even teased the famous upside down kiss with her as well as a future Silk with a young lady named Cindy on the team as well.

Money Shot

It is rare that in an action packed star-studded blockbuster such as this that my favorite part of the film did not include any special effects or fighting sequence. Instead I’m going with the swerve of when Parker came to pick up Liz Allen for homecoming and it was revealed that her father was Vulture. Although not an actual depiction with Vulture being Liz Allen’s dad, It does follow the theme of Peter Parker having to secretly fight the father of someone he is close too and made for a good twist that I don’t think would anger comic book purists. The car chat that ensued afterwards was extremely intense and dramatic. Michael Keaton really takes it up a notch as this was acting at its finest.

Final Touch

Spider-man:Homecoming is the juggernaut everyone anticipated and more as this film swings past it’s predecessors but not without paying homage to them first. With Homecoming being the third version of Spider-man on film the actors and portrayals are instinctively going to be compared. I thought there was a happy medium between the two previous takes with Homecoming being the truest to the actual character. Even though there were amazing visual effects I thought they took a backseat to the incredible delivery in scenes from the cast. There were also many hidden gems and odes to the comics which purists will be ecstatic about. Very difficult to top the “with great power comes great responsibility” cheesy but iconic tagline but this film told a story of how young Peter Parker wanted everything to be an Avenger and expedite the process and save the world then when he finally received the opportunity he declined and realised his own city needed him and was content with being the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man…for now. Marvel never disappoints as Spider-man comfortably makes itself at home in the MCU.

-Caleb Harris

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