The new trailer for Jumanji – Welcome to the Jungle was just released and it is official, I am getting old.

The biggest difference between the prior Jumanji is that the kids get warped into the game and are forced to play as avatars instead of having the game come infiltrate their reality. Also there is actually no board game instead being replaced with an old school video game. Maybe a board game may be too out of touch for today’s youth so the decision to go with a console may be more relatable.

It also seems the characters are going to go through an identity crisis where each kids avatar is physically something completely different then there actual selves. Such as nerd turns into the Rock or athlete turns into Kevin Hart. Girl with good personality becomes hot and the hot chick turns into Jack Black. So I reckon there will be a story about appearance acceptance in your awkward teen years.

Jack Black has always been great in pg comedies such as Goosebumps or School of Rock so I know he can cater to a child demographic but I wonder how Kevin Hart will do. The backpack joke was not funny and I am interested to see if he can pull off an Eddie Murphy as he once was Raw but can now be family friendly. Also I have never been a fan of PG The Rock such as Tooth Fairy or Witch Mountain. I like Dwayne Johnson like it is  an episode of Raw, straight up talking smack and whooping ass in action flicks.

Even though it was a foregone conclusion that one day Kirsten Dunst was going to be insanely hot, she was a child in the first Jumanji. This new adaption boosts up the sex appeal with Karen Gilian trekking around the jungle in booty shorts. I like how they made reference to how that made absolutely no sense but at least for young men she may be the biggest fantasy this film has to offer.

Jumanji was one of my personal favorite films as a child. My major concern is that there will be no actual resemblance to the first movie and is just using the title to capitalize for more exposure and roll in some revenue for the studio. I’m pretty sure this version will be able to keep up in the action and comedy department but not sure if it can live up to what I will call an iconic film. I  also hope there is at least some ode to legendary comedian and actor Robin Williams to introduce his genius to another generation and keep his legacy going. Jumanji “Welcome to the Jungle” is set to hit theaters this December.

-Caleb Harris

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