Director-Patty Jenkins

Last Looks

Warner Brothers has unleashed one of the most anticipated films of the summer Wonder Woman. It always seems as though DC comics is playing catch up to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in comic book films. Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad were good efforts but they came off as rushed attempts to put out a Justice League movie as opposed to taking the time to let each super heroes story unfold organically. Unquestionably when I went to see Batman V Superman the biggest reaction from the audience was when Wonder Woman was uncovered in the battle v.s Doomsday. Wonder Woman impressed with the largest debut from a female director in history grossing over 100 million opening weekend so clearly there was a mystique and curiosity about the project. The only issue is that we have seen this play out before for DC in the first week then have a record drop off the next after mixed reactions. We need Wonder Woman to be the awesome film DC fans have long been craving.
Before becoming Wonder Woman, Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) grows up on the remote island Themyscira where she is trained to become a warrior. She is taught of the epic battle between Zeus and Ares and is very intrigued. American Pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crashes into the island where he encounters Diana. He tells her about World War 1 and an evil force that is threatening humanity. Longing for a Journey Diana realises this is her calling and treks with Trevor to battle and discover her inner power.
Nose Candy

“A scorpion must sting a wolf must hunt”

“Never let your guard down you expect a fight to be fair. A fight is never fair”

“I’m willing to fight for those who are not able to fight for themselves”

“A deal is a promise and a promise is unbreakable”

“Peace is only an armistice in an endless war”

“It has to be me I can save me, you have to save the world”

Style Points
  • Aries Vs Zeus flashback
  • Training Montages
  • Circle cam as Diana watches Trevor’s plane crash
  • Steve Trevor’s getaway plane scene
  • Bullets ricocheted off Wonder Womans shield + the golden lasso of truth
  • Aries unveiling his master plan to Diana as the warehouse becomes an ocular journey

Role Play

Gal Gadot shattered every single question about whether or not she should be casted as Wonder Woman or her ability to carry a film. She absolutely nailed this role with an absolutely inspiring performance. Chris Pine was excellent as Steve Trevor here as well. It is rare in super hero films to have a male love interest. He was humble as well as humorous and it is unfortunate that his character only lasted one DC film.
I thought David Thewlis was not bad as Ares but something about him just always will always see Remus Lupin from Harry Potter. Must be the mustache. I also thought Elenya Anaya as Dr. Poison was an unsung hero as I really enjoyed her work here.
Money Shot
Sir Patrick Morgan is revealed as Ares as he emerges from the flames. Ares discloses to Diana that she is the daughter of Zeus making them siblings. Ares attempts to get Diana to aid him in his quest to destroy mankind. Steve Trevor ultimately sacrifices himself in the battle. Realizing that not all of humanity is full of hatred, Diana reflects on her love of Trevor. Wonder Woman utilizes this moment as inspiration to find more power and annihilate Ares.
Final Touch

Wonder Woman is now the premier character in The DC cinematic universe as this was there best film to date. The set design was dazzling from the island paradise Themyscira as well as early 1900s London. I have to give credit to Rupert Williams as the scoring of this film was superb. The theme that sounds every time Wonder Woman is displayed has to be the hottest superhero entrance music out now. I also can’t speak enough of the performances as Gal Gadot and Chris Pine over deliver and take this film to another level.  Wonder Woman brilliant balances between epic tale, super hero comic book and war film without spilling over to one side. This film also finally delivers on having that comedic timing DC films have struggled to discover. A lot of positives here my only real grievance is the long run time DC is becoming accustomed to. There may have been to many scenes attempting to humanize Diana such as the scenes of her getting dressed, the baby, the ice cream and the dance scene. However I get why this was done to showcase the dramatic contrast from Diana’s former life to what she is now inhabiting. Diana transitions from private school to public school well here and there is also a good story about how the battle between good and evil ultimately resides in oneself. The only cure for a heart filled with hate is love. The momentum is definitely there with Wonder Woman as this movie is desirable and can hopefully be used to boost DC comic films of the future.

-Caleb Raves