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Charlamagne The God has a notorious reputation of being one of the most ruthless and realist personalities in media. Love him or hate him one can’t deny for all of his disturbing dialogue, he has found a way to be one of the most successful entrepreneurs in hip hop culture today. Starting from humble beginnings, Charlamagne was able to work his way up as now he is one of the lead voices on the number one morning urban radio show The Breakfast Club at Power 105.1 in New York City. C the God also works on various television and radio projects such as the MTV 2 show Uncommon Sense and the Brilliant Idiots podcast. So how does a country boy from South Carolina attain so many achievements? Charlamagne the God dissects his rise in his debut book.


Charlamagne the God was born Lenard McKelvey to a mom who was a teacher and a father who was a hustler on a dirt road in Moncks Corner, South Carolina. Charlamagne was always a smart kid all the way until middle school and then started acting out just to fit in. He then started getting into trouble selling drugs and eventually going to jail multiple times. The relationship between C the God and his father eventually got rocky with his dads constant infidelities even getting locked up together at one point which helped them to eventually grow closer. Learning he did not want to be a drug dealer because of the fast fall from grace from his cousins, Charlamagne tried to be a rapper until a mentor told him fuck his dream because he was not good at it. He then began interning at a local radio station when finally the show let him perform some of his acts on air instead of behind the scenes. After a chance encounter meeting Wendy Williams husband he was offered an on air position on her show in New York not getting paid for it. C the God was fired from his role on the Wendy Williams show as well as four other times in his career eventually having to move his family back to South Carolina. No longer in the big city, unemployed with a family to feed Charlamagne was now forced to grind even harder to keep his media dream a reality.

Nose Candy 

“If you don’t have nothing nice to say to someone, say it anyway.”

“If you want to see a persons true character see how they treat people who seemingly can’t help them.”

“The radio game is no different from the crack game. Once the streets knew my bags had the boom, I was on my way.”

” I never enter a situation with a get money attitude. I’m in this for the long haul, not for the short money. And trust me the money is much longer now.”

“I don’t respect anybody who can’t poke fun at themselves if they also go at other people. To me that is a sign of weakness. I pride myself on being strong.”

“In a romantic relationship, it’s always better to deal with reality than fantasy. I’m not going to sell a dream to my wife-I would rather live the dream with her, and that happens when the relationship is rooted in honesty.”

“Faith plus hard work can change any circumstance.”

Style points

  • The back hard cover with quotes from his harshest critics.
  • The funny Kanye story.
  • History lesson of former slave Denmark Vessy. He definitely did his research of his home town. Also the weird southern myths about ufos and objects coming to life such as snakes are devils in the flesh. C the God definitely believes in the supernatural.
  • References to bars from his favorite rap songs. Rap music inspired him to become something greater. Seeing individuals that were in similar situations achieve success.
  • Reconnecting with your core when you are creatively in a rut go back to why you started in the first place.
  • The importance of reading. Charlemagne mother was a teacher and he participated. in reading programs just so he can get a free pizza. Try to read up on subjects that don’t interest you. You will become more versatile and find out that you have more in common that you think.
  • Put the weed in the bag concept. A line from the hood classic belly speaking of you have to do the initial work before you make it big.
  • If you are from a small place always think bigger then where you are at. Connect with those who are in different circumstances.
  • The breakdown of his daily schedule and possessing time management.
  • The importance of making new friends and constantly evolving.

Money Shot

Charlamagne once served as a judge for a college talent show. After a guy rapped for his showcase, C the God ripped into how bad he was even saying he looked like he was the school weed man. This brings us to the Charlamagne ” Fuck your dream” Theory. Society has a tendency to chase other people dreams. We see someone else with such talent we just follow them. We all need someone to tell us we suck at something so we can find our true calling and be great in our given field.

Final Touch

We know Charlemagne as an obnoxious loudmouth but he has a way with words in written form. He lets his heart pour through the pages with the brutal honesty that he has become known for. Through all of the perverted phrases and asshole analogies Black Privilege does eventually arrive at positive destination. Bluntly put racism and stereotypes unfortunately does still exist in today’s society however african americans should not let these hurdles prevent them from achieving their dreams. Charlamagne eloquently claims that we are all made in Gods image and are Kings and Queens so we are all special. From Moncks Corner to dominating in Major Markets, Charlamagne proves that there is no excuse for not getting what you want out of life. Success is not about waiting for an opportunity it is about having to go and take one.

-Caleb Raves