alton sterling

I am writing this with deep sorrow. Just hours ago multiple media outlets have reported that the officer who fatally shot Alton Sterling outside of Triple S convenience store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana will not be charged. My condolences goes out to the Sterling family as well as all those affected by police brutality. The entire city is on edge. You could feel the tension as you walk the streets here. This is what hopelessness feels like.

Although the verdict was expected actually having the outcome now impacted me more than I thought it would. It is just the harsh realities of the society we inhabit. It took the Department of Justice 10 months to deliver a decision they came up with in 10 seconds. The poor execution made the death of Alton Sterling feel insignificant. As if it was not a priority to come to a conclusive ruling.

Baton Rouge does not need your prayers. We need leadership, accountability and judicial reform. Unfortunately those attributes are unattainable. There contines to be more and more instances of officers killing african americans without any repercussion. As a young black male if I am ever encountered my fate is pretty much sealed and many of the black and brown can’t help but feel the same.

Police officers are heroes who should be celebrated as such for all of their efforts to keep communities safe however it is those with hate filled hearts who are a disgrace and ruin it for everyone. Hopefully we utilize this tragedy to come together and work on solutions towards preventing anything like this from happening again but who is going to take the first step?

-Caleb Raves