After hinting for months about new music Drake finally delivered with the debut of his “playlist” More Life. Drake is cocky enough to have just his songs on a playlist he created. While I’m still not sure what the actual difference is between a playlist and a conventional album, this is something Drake has not tapped into yet. Views was a good project in my estimation it is just that there was a lack of raps on there which alienated his hip hop fan base. Drake is still breaking streaming records so still audiences care and I am interested to see if More Life gives us More hot tracks.


1. Free Smoke
This song starts off with a soulful singer which leads to a hard freestyle by mixtape Drizzy. It is nice to see Drake go back to just bars something that was essentially missing from Views.

Nose Candy

“I drunk text J lo wrong number so it bounced back”

“I make too much to ever say poor me”

“I get more satisfaction at going at you and watching all of you die.”

2. No long talk featuring Giggs
Drake spits his new-found reggae dance hall flow and over uses the word “ting” also Giggs just sounds hard here like the kind of guy that will just go off on you if you look at him the wrong way.

3. PassionFruit
An upbeat inspirational song that differs from the impactful lyrical opening. Drake sings about a relationship that is falling apart because of long distance which appropriately ends with a voice mail from a girl saying “I don’t know what to say” in response to Drake’s claims. Drake goes back to his carribean flow song making as this has a lot of radio potential.

4. Jorga interlude.

Drake goes light on a sick beat with Jorga singing in the background.

Nose Candy

“Worried about taking my lane aint even got on the road”

“I play my part too like a sequel”

5. Get It Together featuring Black Coffee and Jorga Smith
Drake sings about all of the obstacles he must overcome before he can be in a committed relationship. Jorga has beautiful voice and am intrigued to hear more from her.

Nose Candy

“You need me to get my shit together so we can get together”

7. Madiba Riddim
Drake sings about why he does not trust females in relationships but how that will not stop him from giving one an opportunity.

Nose Candy

“My heart is way to be frozen to get broken”

8. Blem
Drunken words are sober thoughts here as this song opens up with Drake questioning how he got too many drinks in his system. Drake expresses how he wants a girl to give up on her life and be with him. Lil Wayne makes an appearance at the end which got me hype claiming he will talk to us about More Life before the song cuts off.

Nose Candy

“How come we can’t just smash and stay friends?”

8. 4422 featuring Sampha
No Drake appearance as Sampha the artist of the hour sings for a few minutes as this is really just used to segway into the next track.

9. Gylachester
Drake finally goes back to his intro with a lyrical assault over some hard-hitting drums.

Nose Candy

“So many tats like I don’t know what permanent is”

“I stay at the top like im stuck”

“I don’t take naps me and the money are way too attached”

10. Skepta interlude
Skepta has a heavy accent but this is used as a showcase for him to spit fire over a stand out instrumental.

11. Portland featuring Quavo and Travis Scott
Drake and friends go cypher style on a sick beat.

Nose Candy

“Fuck being rich when im 40 I’m trying make it now”

“I’m michael Phelps with  the swim moves Michael Jordan with the tennis shoes”

“I spent 50 on a chain you just spent your last”

“Never let a nigga ride your wave”

12. Sacrifices featuring 2 Chainz and Young Thug
A song speaking of relationships that fall through because of a heavy work ethic. This is an INCREDIBLE track. 2 Chains never has a bad day at the office as he kills this feature as always but Young Thug steals the show with the best verse of his career that no one saw coming.

Nose Candy

“She complaining that im late I aint even know it was a date”

“It’s a marathon not a sprint but still I have to win the race”

“I love fans but I don’t wanna take pictures in a bathroom”

“She love trap music so I wake up with my wood hard”

13. Nothings into Somethings
Going back to a slower vibe Drake wonders how an ex of his has the audacity to move on without consulting him because essentially she was nothing before she met him.

14. Teenage Fever
Drake sings about a new relationship that is reminiscent to a high school first love. This gets interesting using some J lo lines from a previous hit. Drakes music has always been influenced by who he is dating at the moment.

Nose Candy

“Your heart is hard to carry im the dark”

“Your friends are afraid to tell you you went too far”

15. KMT featuring Giggs

Just more hot bars from Giggs in his second go round on this project.

Nose Candy

“Dream about work in my sleep”

16. Lose you
Drake asks if he has lost people that he used to compete with as he became famous as he wants all of his peers from his city to get along.

Nose Candy

“The city is stronger when the city is speaking not beefing”

“We got diplomas but still going dumb”

“Not trynna be forth and inches im trynna go the distance”

“I know catching honey and flies can get too sticky”

17. Can’t have everything
Drake realises even though he has a lot he will still have to deal with unhappiness and beef with artists. This ends from a voicemail from Drakes mother scolding him for his behavior an excellent touch.

Nose Candy

“Started out doing college shows Kallipari flows”

“I must be coaching cus im not playing with them can’t see the difference”

“Try to serve me a cheese cake I gave em back a clean plate”

18. Glow featuring Kanye West
This is a really innovative beat with a dope hook but with Drizzy and Yeezy on the same track this is disappointing as far as a bars goes. The end goes into a full on Yeezy concert which makes for a very inspiring piece.

Nose Candy

“Pull my heart out aint never show love”

19. Since way back featuring PartyNextDoor

Drakes Canadian comrade comes through for a melodic track. I like both artists but for some reason these two never have good chemistry on the same song.

20.  Fake Love
A song everyone has heard and strangely sounds like an artist impersonating Drake then the actual him if that makes any sense. Any who still a song you cant help but sing when it comes on.

21. Ice melts featuring Young Thug
The thrill is gone as Drake sings an ode about a flame that has fizzled out. Young Thug makes his second appearance to add his two cents as well.

Nose candy

“I still need satisfaction a little less talk and a little more action”

22. Do not disturb
Drake speaks about while his life is difficult he will not trade it in for anything so don’t bother him while he is doing him. Great way to end the playlist with a lyrical barrage.

Nose Candy

“I don’t have time to be a Romeo my whole life is on the rodeo”

“I might use our annual shit to the dome I need 40 thousand people to see what im on”

“Waking up to public statements about my private life”

“Seasons go by like im binge watching”

“They gotta know that to get to me you have to be faster than me no one has done it successfully”

Final Touch

Hottest Tracks-Sacrifices, Lose You, Glow, Do Not Disturb

Drake does not disappoint with his latest effort. I like how every song transitioned into the next. Through majority of the project I couldn’t notice that the song had changed. Now that Drake Nicki and Wayne are all friends I wished there was a song with the three of them for old times sake. I love how this project was also a showcase for other artists as im sure “More Life” will awaken audiences to some of the featured artists work . I always enjoy musical projects that have a certain theme and the theme of mistrust of those closest to him now that he has become famous is on full display.  On More Life we get more of Drake the rapper instead of the popstar. Drake cleverly switches up from lyrical bars to his sensual singing something that caters to his diverse fan base. This project offers an array of different genres such as dancehall to afrobeat to trap music. Drake will always be in his feelings and make songs with a similar subject matter but still Mr. Graham has a hunger to his flow and an eagerness to prove that he is still the measuring stick to which every other artist is compared.