Director-Theodore Mielfi

Last Looks

It is great to see a biopic about three african american ladies who made such incredible strides in the space industry make it to the big screen. The success of this movie is evident as in it’s second week of release the movie climbed to number one on at the box office. It’s great when the reputation surrounding a film continuously grows when it’s still in theaters and proves that all audiences will come out to support great work. The word is definitely out regarding Hidden figures which doesn’t conceal a star-studded cast and a remarkable story.


Three african american mathematicians Katherine Johnson (Taraji P. Henson), Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer) and Mary Jackson (Janelle Monáe) all face personal and professional struggles in 1950’s Hampton Virginia. These three ladies all serve as an important piece as they work for Nasa and coordinate one of the greatest missions in United States history “Project Mercury” the first voyage into orbit by astronaut John Glenn.

Nose Candy

“I’m standing beneath a spaceship, We are living the impossible”

“Whats not fair is having the title of supervisor but not getting paid as one”

“I have a full-time job now I have to be both mommy and daddy”

“Freedom is not granted to the oppressed it has to be demanded taken”

“They let women at Nasa do things and it’s not because we wear skirts its because we wear glasses”

“Everytime it seems as though we are getting ahead they move the finish line”

“No colored restrooms no white restrooms just plain old toilets here at Nasa we all pee same color ”

“I don’t see a colored section should I just sit anywhere?”

“She’s more than something she is everything marrying you means marrying your daughters too”

“Progress is a double-edged sword”

Style Points

There were so many powerful scenes in this film I can’t stress that enough. I love how they depicted the time period of 1950’s -60’s Virginia. Nothing was too blatant but I loved details such as dogs and hoses being utilized at race riots or the colored only sections on the buses and on the water fountains. The racial tension was well on display as there was a great close up on Katherine’s heel shaking as she is very upset but unable to speak her peace. Incorporating the footage from previous space missions was an excellent touch.  When Dorothy lead all of the woman in her office down the hallway across campus was a great and powerful shot. Hidden Figures is an array of excellent visual story telling.

Cold Jams

Two words Hans Zimmer!

With Pharrell Williams who also served as a producer of the film together they were able to make magic with next level scoring for the soundtrack.

Role Play

Taraji P. Henson (Katherine Johnson)- A timeless beauty who has an unparalleled range. There is no role she can’t play.

Octavia Spencer (Dorothy Vaughn)- Never a bad word to say about her. I’m envisioning another best supporting actress award in her future.

Janelle Monae (Mary Jackson)- I thought this could definitely be a break through role for Monae as in her music through out the years she rarely changes her attire. It was good to see a different side from her as she definitely held ger own amongst such industry heavyweights

Kevin Costner (Al Harrison)- Kevin’s been invited to the cookout since “The Bodyguard”
His role in this film just proves more he is one of us *winks

It was kind of weird to see older Kirstin Dunst as a supervisor which really makes me feel old. Also Jim Parsons was great as that annoying coworker that is always trying to outdo you and thinks there your boss for some reason. Nice change-up from his comedic Big Bang character.
Money Shot

When Taraji  P. Henson walked into her building dripping wet in front of all of her coworkers was easily the best scene for me. After being confronted by her boss she confessed she has to go to the restroom 45 minutes away because the building she worked in did not have a restroom for colored woman so she had to run to go there and back anytime she needed to go to the restroom. This gave me chills as I think this may be Taraji’s best monologue scene in her career.

Final Touch

This is a great film that I encourage everyone to see. It is educational as well as entertaining with the performances being off the chart. I love movies where I learn and this was a great depiction of the unsung heroes in the legendary space mission that needed to be told. With everything going on in our society today such as the groundbreaking womans march I think this film came out at the perfect time to keep up the momentum with the theme of race and sex equality. Figures don’t lie nor do they hide with this great display of imagery.