The great flood of 2016 in Louisiana caused so much devastation it is almost surreal. With everything this region has gone through this summer this disaster is almost unbearable. So many people without warning lost their homes and had to evacuate.  When last Friday came around the weather was obviously bad but there were no signs of fatal flooding whatsoever or evacuation notices sent out at all. This tragedy was so unexpected and now there are so many that are forced to start over. It’s intriguing as though there is so much turmoil in Louisiana however the national media is not covering this. Even though President Obama declared it a state of emergency life goes on outside of Louisiana as I have had several conversations with family members who live in California and they had no idea that a disaster was even occurring. I was very glad to see however the heroics of all of our rescuers which included local citizens who grabbed their own boats and went out to save people who were stranded. Even now shelters that have opened up and different organizations donating food and clothes is humbling. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who this storm affected as we can’t let  this flood sink our spirits. Even though it seems as though a dark cloud looms over this city at times, I do believe we can get though this and I am proud to live here.