In case you have been living under a rock the past coulple of weeks you are missing the game that is sweeping the nation Pokemon Go! I will say that this app was an intelligent way to stimulate the economy. I have heard from people giving lessons to specialized uber pokemon drivers. Or people just getting so many pokemon and successful profiles they sell them. I have real thoughts of quitting my job sometimes just to play. Mind you I work at a desk job and I got the most ignorant email from my boss saying that I do not want any of you playing that Pokemon game at work. Maybe I do not have what it takes to be a poke master, but I do enjoy playing. Pokemon has brought couples together as there is a Pokemon Go dating app. Of course the first date is free. As I always say the way to a mans heart is through anime.  Pokemon is getting people active. I have experienced so many different parts of my neighborhood I never knew existed. I am pretty sure that there are so many others across the globe that have the same story of cool and interesting places that they have come across just by searching for new Pokemon. The only downside is that there is no insurance so any injuries that you may and most likely will occur from not paying attention and running head first into a pole because you are searching for a gym, the makers of the game are not liable. If you take the most popular entity fo the late 1990’s and think all of those millennials are now old enough to drive you have the most ingenious idea ever! Pokemon is so intelligent about their surroundings by locating places and finding the origin behind the new land mark that they encountered. Even if you don’t get pokemon you will enjoy this game. There is no better feeling in the world then catching your first pokemon! I do not care if this game is a conspiracy about getting society more active or better tracking americans every move.  For all of us millenials who never graduated or did anything with our lives Pokemon Go gives us an excuse to say that we actually have a career!