city hall

It has been a very trying and devastating time in America this past week to say the least. After the deaths of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge and Philando Castile in Minnesota as well as the officers who were murdered at a Dallas during a protest. My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone family member or person that was affected by this unfortunate war between black and blue lives. After the death of local Baton Rouge man Alton Sterling I am extremely disturbed. My deepest condolences goes out to his entire family. The fact that something like this could happen in my own city let a lone a few blocks from where I live is extremely disheartening. I attended multiple rallies for Mr. Sterling here and it was quite moving having so many different people from different backgrounds show their support. It was heartbreaking watching Mr. Sterling’s son in tears. Baton Rouge has handled this tragedy with the utmost class and respect with peaceful protests and showing their respects without looting or rioting.

The black lives matter campaign I think is very moving however after so many different occurrences of Police blatantly murdering members of the african american community without any repercussions I wonder how long will it take before many try implementing a more violent strategy? How much longer can you really expect members of society to act civilized when no change seems to be coming from constant protests? Going after the cops on revenge is not the answer. We can not solve a problem with the same mentality that created it.  I believe the term black lives matter does not try to eliminate the notion the other ways african americans are murdered in this country or state that other races are not important but the reason why we do not say all lives matters is because the general consensus is that black lives clearly do not.

As a young black male it is very difficult for me to confide in the police in certain situations because you really think they do not care and will only use the matter to confront and attack you. It’s a shame to say that I fear for my safety anytime I am around the police. An issue that I mainly run into whenever I am stopped by law enforcement is what  is the proper procedure whenever I am stopped. As my friend Manny would call it the sit down and stand up routine where you are asked to do multiple things at one time and if you fail to act on multiple orders simultaneously then you are out-of-order. I would really like to see a protocol implemented for police and civilians alike to know what is legally expected whenever the two sides cross paths.

I believe this nation does have the finest police officers who go above and beyond to protect and serve and put their lives on the line every single day to ensure peace on our streets. But its naive to think that there are not a select few of law enforcement with hate in their hearts who see african americans as a target. It is extremely unfortunate but at this point it seems like our cries for change is falling on deaf ears. I do think that police departments around the country have to do a better job of acknowledging that whenever an african american loss is lost that it is a tragedy. It is unfortunate that a situation has come to this. I just wish that whenever a police officer commits a crime they will have the same punishment as any other person.

I also believe we have an economic problem in Baton Rouge. I think the reason why most black murders are from black individuals and why most white murders occur from white individuals is because of the lack of diversity in our communities. If we were able to have more of our neighborhoods integrated and properly policed we would not have so many issues. I live in Baton Rouge and I can honestly tell you there are a lack of good jobs here and the ones we do have are very difficult to obtain. So many individuals no matter what type of community they live in that I know have to resort to so many different ways of obtaining revenue just to support themselves let alone their entire families. For Mr. Sterling it just so happened to be selling cd’s and since are streets are so dangerous he had no other alternative but to have a weapon on him while working.

Lastly I do think that every person should be held accountable for their own personal actions. I don’t think every cop was born racist or every black person are born hating the cops. It is living through different experiences and only witnessing the negative that we have come to that conclusion. Once people find it in their own hearts to accept everyone equally then we are not going to come to a resolution. We all have to come together to change our mindset in order for this trying issue to be resolved unless we are wasting our time protesting a problem that will never be resolved and more lives are pointlessly taken.

The people of Baton Rouge have handled this unfortunate crisis with so much class I am proud to live here.  I believe we as a community need to stand together to let our city officials know that this type of viable act will not be tolerated and anybody no matter what race that has lost their life to police brutality will not go in vain.